Monday, May 27, 2024

Blog Update, Halifax Electric Car Chargers & Homeless Camp At MacKay Bridge Overpass Main Street

On the overpass now there is homeless people living outside wandering around the area saying they are "fighting people" about what they have in their apartments and caught on building security cameras threatening to "fight the sheriff".
Whatever, maaaaaaaaaan.

Earlier on this blog a year or more ago maybe they had this story about Electric Car Chargers in Halifax.

Update: I found the Electric Car Charger.

It's at the Indigo Books Superstore at Mic Mac Mall and they only have ONE CHARGER.

That used to be Chapters Book Store but they updated the building.

If I had to guess I would say Indigo Books owns the Electric Car Charger.

That a main Dungeons & Dragons merch and toy store reminds me of Toys R Us with just books and toys, the other Dungeons & Dragons and Disney merch store is in the same parking lot  at the Mic Mac Mall Food Court next to The Bay on the top floor, I mean the second floor up the esclator in the Bay where they also have a retro Zellers.

The Bay is Two Floors, Revlon Makeup Counter on the bottom entrance and the scond floor has a retro Zellers.  .

Remember, when Electric Chargers come out for real they will all be at the gas pumps and sold by General Motors, Ford and them. 


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