Tuesday, May 14, 2024

MLB YANKEES: Yes Network Shows / Commentary Fail

Man, you get on watching the game on Yes Network then they got new rules now regularly updates etc.,...

Here's my point...

Yes Network like NESN for Boston Red Sox.

Well, both those networks are from the late 1990's and they could say NESN & YESN.

Making it Yankees Entertainment Sports Network.

Instead shortened to YES.

Obviously the bigger name.

Yankees Entertainment & Sports, with added "&" and no "N".

This is my point, YES has talk shows on it all day from New York City.

Now you mix that with long term coverage +20 years now you get all these commentary fails.

Trying to run day time talk show material on the game live as commentary, this leads to filling space cut by games with day time talk show drama.

Then they miss the commentary on the game about the new recent Yankees records like Arron Judge and then have it replaced with day time talk show banter.

Oh, we've been on the air for over twenty years, Meredith is getting old with the team with men and they'll be back at the house later doing the commentary at home in some "friendship group" she can be the the bat boy while they watch the game in the future while they announce the plays and stuff fake n the yard.



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