Tuesday, May 14, 2024

RE: MLB Data Issues, Florida Merch & MLB Digital Ticket

Out here in Nova Scotia is a Sunny 21 Degrees in May...the hottest part of Canada.

Mix that with some batting cages and some hot springs and my Summer is done already.

Guess I'll sit home and watch MLB.TV for the rest of the actual Summer, note NFL preseason starts in August.

The #1 issue to me on MLB Data is that stats tracking, myself being a University Graduate with Advanced Statistics Courses can't even look at the page, like third party MLB Google coverage,

Not enough columns on the search page to properly display the data

It again show Baltimore in first place with less wins that New York.

That's because of an uneven schedule and they count the standing by most losses.


Everyone knows that if the world ends right now 27 wins beats 26 wins.


Check http://www.mlb.com/standings for a better list, that also includes that stat "game difference" the +/- games played differential that clearly shows that situation is a tie on the decimal system.

Here's where MLB science sucks...that number "game difference" has to calculate TWO different stats calculations from two different stats brackets inside the same "MLB League" and on pages like Google.com it shows as if the teams are in two different leagues.

One for 42 games played is SECOND Place and one for 41 games listed as FIRST PLACE.

That's two different stats calculations for two different brackets and is wrong!

Use game difference at http://www.mlb.com/standings to view the actual "game differential" that has the combined tables listed in the decimal system that calculate the actual true standings overall, is "game difference calculation" at http://www.mlb.com/standings

I also see new MLB Digital Ticket coming out, as a smart phone app and Transit Bus Pass!

See I told you Tampa was big on the transit, now that have a Digital Ticket plus bus pass on the app.

I don't know if this is out yet or what, but you buy your ticket then on the transit on the phone you can scan your phone on the bus with your digital ticket to cover the transit fare.

I can just hear the Digital Ticket scanners now like on the bus at MLB Yankees and New York Subway Series...beep beep beep, as the new digital ticket and transit pass.


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