Saturday, May 25, 2024

RE: Halifax, Homeless Encampment Main Street Plaza Ex-Husband Stalks Elementary Schools?

Not sure about all these rumors...

Now people gossip on Main Street at Mic Mac Mall Dartmouth a homeless encampment that bull horned the carnival may be men who lost their families and are stalking their children on the overpass on the way to the IWK Children's Hospital?

So the homeless people set up an encampment on Main Street Dartmouth at the plaza's and didn't pay, now they are loitering.

The description from people in the local area is they may have lost their kids and are living on an overpass on Main Street, the connector to the MacKay Bridge for the IWK Children's Hospital and could be multiple people watching the overpass looking for their kids taken by the courts, putting the mother and kids at risk of assault.

Then they went down to the carnival and started assaulting the elementary / junior / senior high school students with a megaphone / bullhorn at the new Community College Housing is the public rumor.

Be alert everyone.



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