Friday, February 15, 2019

President Trump Declares National Emergency At Border, Death Penalty For Mexican Drug Cartels

USA:Execution For Mexican Cartels For Breaching Border with China Backing America
Here is a quick summary of the President Donald Trump landmark speech today:

Donald Trump taps into 8 Billion Dollars for building the new USA / Mexico Border Wall. 

Cites China zero tolerance policy for Drug Dealers who receive Death Penalty, says China President will make Fentanyl an illicit drug and give Fentanyl Dealers the Death Penalty. 

Says China beginning to respect new United States stricter Political Platforms, will begin new discussions with Chinese President.

Trump cites reason for his National Emergency declaration is an extension of President Obama's anti drug National Emergency.

Says the new border wall will reinforce Obama's Emergency Declaration by blocking Mexican Cartels form entering the United States. 

Says he is in talks with China and plans to pursue the Death Sentence for Drug Dealers illegally entering the United States and ones already in the United States like in China, and they are working on new trade deal together. 

Later Trump will pursue Death Penalty for drug dealers with China backing the United States because of the multiple National Emergencies meaning Mexican Drug Cartels entering the United States will receive the Death Penalty for Drug Dealing and is trying to include Fentanyl on the list like they are doing in China.

Trump cites problems in the lower 9th Circuit United States Court System trying to block his Emergency Declaration but will be resolved in the higher courts.

One of the main points of the speech is the lower United States Courts are trying to block his office at the 9th Circuit Court and that he will be "sued" by opposing political groups challenging his political platform in the lower courts.

Says this will be resolved later in the higher courts.


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