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Was The Norway Black Metal Murder A Fabrication?

Most people aren't familiar with the Black Metal music scene which has been popularized as being from Norway. In fact the origins of Black Metal are England and Sweden, Venom from England and Bathory from Sweden.

Black Metal music is a form of Heavy Metal music and is the most Satanic of all Heavy Metal and features stage shows, costumes and theatrics similar to or based on musicians like King Diamond a Heavy Metal artist from Denmark, also the home of Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich. 

When you have to pin point the origin of todays Black Metal that is Sweden and the band Bathory, however stealing the spotlight for the legend of Black Metal is Norway and the band Mayhem.

Norway took the throne of Black Metal music in the mid 1990's because of the notorious band Mayhem, but recent events are showing a different picture of the Norway Black Metal scene and apparently the story giving the Country it's Black Metal crown may be fake. 

A new movie just came out about the band Mayhem which I have not seen yet called "Lords of Chaos" and which Rolling Stone Magazine says "should have been burned" and it exposes Mayhem for the posers that they actually were. 

This movie looks more like a mockery than a biography of the events in Norway.

The summary of the Black Metal events in Norway is the band Mayhem, their vocalist committed suicide and then their bass player murdered their guitar player. Also, at the same time their was a series of Church Burnings in Norway and said to be from Black Metal bands. 

Now is this story fake to make a name for Black Metal in Norway? 

To me this looks like Kiss Unmasked and that it looks like convicted murderer Varg Vikernes is now sarcastically telling the story to clear the air on actual events, meaning they glorified the story to make a name for Black Metal and it's fake, however their is a real murder.

To me it really looks like Varg is trying bad to ruin the story of Mayhem without saying it, leaving Black Metal with no folklore. 

I looked into all this and this is what I found out. 

First, Varg was sent to a Prison where he could record Black Metal albums that is the Psychiatric Prison not a real Prison where they allow you to do regular activities when you are recovering. 

They only send you there if you have been found not criminally responsible due to mental illness, which is what happened with Varg. So in fact, Varg was not actually responsible for the murder although he served fifteen years in the Hospital for the killing in recovery. 

On the internet Varg is listed as a notorious murderer but in fact he is not criminally responsible, meaning all the Black Metal folklore from Norway in 1993 was mostly fake.

When I looked into Norway at the time this is what I found out. In February 1993 was the first World Trade Center bombing in New York City and Norway was in a state of chaos because the of book "The Satanic Verses". 

At the time in Norway there was a wave of instability around The Satanic Verses book and this was just after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York, then Euronymous was murdered in August of 1993. 

I am saying that the story was fake based on the turmoil around the book The Satanic Verses and the World Trade Center bombing in New York City and that people in Norway re enacted this by staging the Burning of Churches in Norway because of the book The Satanic Verses and saying they were Satanists. 

What I mean is, people were convicted of burning the churches but this may have been some kind of stunt they got arrested for, like they may be being demolished or something and they burnt them down and blamed the book The Satanic Verses to give Norway a Satanic "Black Metal" image.

Two years before the murder the Vocalist of Mayhem "Dead" committed suicide. 

In the movie they are saying that when "Dead" was ten years old he hit his head on the ice skating and died but was revived and had a near death experience. I think that this is probably made up to give the character of "Dead" a mythological background as a character for a Black Metal band.

Then he called himself "Dead", in reality I think he called himself "Dead" because he was planning to kill himself and was saying he was Dead because he planned to commit suicide.

Then in 1993 The World Trade Center was bombed in New York and there was the Satanic Verses controversy in Norway, copied by Black Metal band members who burnt churches down saying it was Satanists like in the Satanic Verses and the first World Trade Center bombing.

Plus there were a bunch of other murders in Norway at this time. 

What I think really happened was that Varg may have been re enacting the Statanic Verses folklore and the World Trade Center bombing and then killed Euronymous by accident and was found not responsible because he was re enacting a terrorist attack, the Satanic Verses violence, church burning and other murders and the suicide of "Dead".

The he was sent to a psychiatric prison for fifteen years and allowed to record music because he was found not responsible because of mental illness during some kind of instability in Norway with violent crimes. 

Shortly after the murder the Norway publicist of The Satanic Verses was shot and killed in Norway and the murder was only just recently solved.

What I think they are saying is that Varg and Mayhem got caught up in the turmoil around the 1993 Satanic Verses attacks and the World Trade Center Bombing and Varg murdered Euronymous by accident when they were re enacting the violence around the Satanic Verses and not long after the suicide of Dead, then found not criminally responsible because of mental illness.

Then in 1994 in Norway a more famous murder took place when a five year old girl Silje Redergard was beaten to death while playing in the snow on a football field by two six year old boys.

That was also during the violence in Norway in the 1990's around the book The Satanic Verses and the Terrorist attacks in New York City.

Of course, that is all speculation mostly but may be a large part of the real story of Mayhem, which Varg seems to be blowing today with his over sarcasm maybe in an attempt to clear the air on the deaths. 


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