Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Listen To What Taboola Said To Me About Their Ad Program

Taboola's ad program is bullshit...I wrote them to put click through's on my blogs like on blabbermouth.net and they go, no they need 250,000 hits per month to place an ad on your page.

Whatever. Heavy Metal doesn't get that much traffic as far as I know.

Then they meant blabbermouth.net with Taboola ads on it gets, 250,000 hits per month so I put the run to them.

Right, so if blabbermouth.net does't get that much traffic then it means that Warner still owns the page with Roadrunner, and they are Warner Music or something.

Then Taboola, is partnered out back with Blabbermouth.net and owned by Warner or someone and just placing ads on the page.

Then they say to apply to put ads on your pages, then it's Warner Music or someone and they are just fishing for your web traffic information in the music business and they are a scam and won't take your page, meaning they are just trying to see your web traffic as competition.

I doubt Blabbermouth.net with Taboola on it gets over a quarter a million hits per month, then if Taboola is Warner and Blabbermouth. Roadrunner....then all the adprogram pages are all Universal Corporation or something and all partnered out back in a bullshit ad program. 

Then they started asking me to pay for my ads to put on their pages and writing me a www.internetnews.press looking for my ad money.

Then they wanted me to buy google analytics to send them screen shots of the web traffic on google, so they are all also google.

So I told them I wasn't interested:

Thank you for your inquiry on the Taboola website.

We currently have a standard minimum for a partnership of 250,000 monthly article/blog page views, and according to my tools, your website is not there yet. However, our tools aren't completely fool proof and if your traffic exceeds 250,000 monthly views, please provide screenshots of your Google Analytics for our team to review.

Taboola can help you increase your user base thanks to traffic acquisition campaigns.

Please do reach back out if/when it makes sense.


Why do you people exist?



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