Thursday, February 21, 2019

Blog Update

Blog Update
Not much going on this month, it's pretty crazy out in Halifax with people getting hit by cars and stuff in crosswalks, seven children from Syria who were refugees died in a fire, there was a fake gun incident at Dartmouth Highschool...I was actually down that way yesterday and I never seen so many police cars in my life, I thought there was a shooting at the school but it was a replica hand gun.

Also watch out for harassment on the city buses and when you're out walking, it's been pretty crazy out here lately, plus it's super cold. 

I don't know I was downtown quite a bit recently and it looks pretty run down over in the North End and Young Street areas, is that place abandoned or what? It looks a bunch of gang violence or something larger than usual I have no idea, looks like a gang war over there so Heads Up Halifax when you're out walking, and at the bank machine...that might even be illegal drugs or illegal guns over on the Young Street area. 

Apparently and I didn't know what this was until this week Fentanyl is the new drug, so marijuana has nothing on that. Listen to this Fentanyl is the new popular drug, it is 10 to 100 times (maybe) stronger than Heroin. Fentanyl is like a "synthetic heroin", yes we are in the future now, that drug is injectable with a needle and is ten times stronger than Heroin and there is an outbreak of it on the East Coast of The United States and probably here in Nova Scotia.

So watch out for Fentanyl, that's concentrated synthetic Heroin and at least 10 times as strong maybe more. I doubt that's what's going on in Halifax, looks more like regular crime and stuff like illegal guns and gangs, and everything is all run down up around the North End, and in it. Worse.

Warning Adult Content ahead...I'm still reviewing all that internet adult entertainment stuff but you can't watch that too much all the time because you get to worn out so I had to take a break. I think I'm getting older now, I'll watch anything with MILF's in it with giant Boobs, I saw one new to me video series that I never saw before called "Strap On Cum" that's girls with strap on dildos that squirt fake semen out of them like an orgasm.

In the series girls are dressing up with strap on's with a squirting dildo on them, they look like transsexuals. Like a transsexual has a real penis, now the girls are dressing up and wearing strap on's with fake semen coming out of them like a transsexual only it's a dildo. Then they are doing lesbian scenes with squirting strap on dildos and solo masturbation scenes with a squirting strap on dildo, right so when the girl has an orgasm she squirts fake semen all over herself at the same time out of the squirting dildo, like a transsexual, I was confused and impressed by that.

So the girl dresses up with a squirting strap on dildo, and then squirts all over herself when she has an orgasm like's she's masturbating the dildo and squirting on herself at the same time during her orgasm, I was impressed with it. 

Anyway, spring training baseball just started and I might be recruiting my own team of MILF's to hang out with this Summer for baseball season. 


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