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MLB: Deter Jeter Group Buys Miami Marlins

New Miami Marlins MLB Franchise
Technically, this happened in late 2017 but I don't think people are up to date on the new Miami Marlins Baseball Franchise. 

The Miami Marlins were purchased by Bruce Sherman of Private Capital Management of Florida valued at over $4 Billion Dollars, along with Michal Jordan and Derek Jeter who owns a 4% stake in the Marlins franchise, also of note is former New York Yankees great Don Mattingly who is the Coach of the Miami Marlins.

When I first saw this I thought "Wow, this sucks." I mean why would Derek Jeter not be back on the New York Yankees, I thought he would be an assistant coach or something. Instead, Jeter is taking on and maybe even overstepping himself in some sort of career financial gamble, I thought "could this venture of MLB franchise ownership bankrupt Derek Jeter?"

What did the New York Yankees lose? Well Derek Jeter was their team Captain and on the field for twenty years calling the plays for the team along with legendary coach Joe Torre leading them to several high profile World Series wins, I thought Derek Jeter would return to New York to bring back all those years of team leadership and coaching to the New York Yankees, however all that experience all just went to the Miami Marlins, who also have fellow New York Yankee great Don Mattingly as their Coach and Manager.  

I said to myself Derek Jeter must be throwing all his money down at the Casino to make that purchase, a large gamble. If it pays off it will look super great for the Miami Marlins, if not Derek Jeter's career will be ruined for failing in Miami and losing all that money he earned in New York as the Yankees star Short Stop. 

The price of the Miami Marlins? $1.2 Billion Dollars. Derek Jeter owns 4% of a $1.2 Billion Dollar MLB Franchise....That's about $50 Million Dollars on my calculator assuming I did my math right. 

That's right Derek Jeter is also the new CEO of the Miami Marlins and put out probably $50 Million Dollars to get 4% of the team ownership and managing daily operations for Bruce Sherman's Capital Management Group, not a small wager, bringing his coaching leadership to the field in Miami instead of New York along with coach Don Mattingly. 

I have to say I admire Derek Jeter for taking this venture as CEO of the Miami Marlins and entering Corporate Business in his early 40's with his money earned from playing on the New York Yankees team venturing out into his own MLB Franchise, I wish him well anyway as I am a huge fan of him and the New York Yankees, I will definitely be following his new team in Miami.

This is only the start of the second season for Derek Jeter and the Miami Marlins so you have to give them some time to get going, last year was the first year for new Miami Marlins franchise and they were probably in disarray from the change over so these things take some time to get going. 

You'll have to give Derek Jeter a few years to get the team going with his coaching and player recruitment strategy's who will all now be coached by the old Yankees Team Captain Derek Jeter as CEO and Don Mattingly as Coach, no small deal there and I would definitely say that this make's the Miami Marlins the new hot team in baseball and probably one of the most valuable teams in baseball even if the price hasn't caught up yet.  

Forbes Magazine ranked Derek Jeter's Miami Marlin's at #29 near the bottom of the MLB at a value of $1.2 Billion Dollars with a $219 Million Dollar Revenue for 2018 and an operating expense loss of $-53 Million Dollar's. 

Player expenses were $143 Million Dollars. 

Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter
The Miami Marlins revenue per fan was $14, meaning they only generate $14 per fan. Well if Miami fans get behind Jeter and Mattingly and support the team maybe they can increase that and afford some new high profile players.

You have to look at this from a financial perspective, Miami is getting a major piece of the New York Yankees with all the name recognition which they already have with Mattingly and new coaching experience, Derek Jeter as CEO will probably be helped by Bruce Sherman's group to get him into the CEO Corporate Management role by helping get the business experience to go with his playing and coaching abilities.

I would place in the National League the Miami Marlins at the Top Spot in the league within a few years along with the Washington Nationals as Washington D.C. is becoming a number one hot bed for major league sports.

Checking the Marlin's stats last year they ranked with their third worst start in their history since 1993 under Derek Jeter with 63 wins and 98 losses.

The Number 1 Ranked team in Baseball...the New York Yankees at $4 Billion Dollars, four times the Miami Marlins. The Number 2 ranked team is The Los Angeles Dodgers at $3 Billion Dollars also in the National League with the Miami Marlins.

I'm sure that when the Derek Jeter led Miami Marlins catches on with Coach Don Mattingly Miami will probably hit $3 Billion Dollars in the future and also possible new World Series wins for Miami, which has a large population and large international recognition. 

Meaning, Miami will get a large piece of New York's financial support from Derek Jeter which will now be transferred by Jeter fans to Miami since Jeter helped build the $4 Billion Dollar Yankee team over the past twenty or so years.

If you're checking the Boston Red Sox ranked Number 5 at 2.8 Billion dollars all in 2018 according to Forbes Magazine. 

After examining the facts on this for a while I would say there's not much risk for Derek Jeter in this venture, but baseball player salaries are not the same money as team owners with a $4 Billion Company backing them like Bruce Sherman, so $50 Million if that's the number is a lot of money for an MLB Player to put up. 

You have to also realize that a lot of that money may be borrowed to buy the Marlins and Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman may have loans and investment groups backing that, so that doesn't have to be all right out of their pockets, in fact Bruce Sherman's company is a Financial Management company anyway in Capital Investments I think so that is financial investors anyway.

Marlins Coach Don Mattingly
Derek Jeter did what then? Cashed in his yearly salary in New York for a 4% cut of Miami Marlins revenue which last year was $219 Million Dollars. I'm not sure if that's minus expenses so Derek Jeter probably made a few million dollars off it anyway, I didn't try and check that, which he is probably using to pay back his loans to buy the 4% of the Marlins, unless he handed it out cash. 

Of course I didn't look all that up or try to find out, it's just financial assumptions based on Forbes Magazine and other Financial pages on the internet.

I would say this puts the Miami Marlins as the Number 1 draw this year in 2019 in Major League Baseball since this story is just getting out now.

Look for tons of Miami Marlin merchandise to be sold to increase those fan shares so they can buy top players because they look like the trendiest team in baseball now. I would have to say I am definitely a fan of the new Miami Marlins with Derek Jeter as CEO. I guarantee with all that going on there from the New York Yankees this puts the Marlins as a top financial draw in the MLB, not to mention those Miami Marlin #2 Derek Jeter Jerseys (as an executive now not a player) in Miami will be a huge sell out in Florida and New York. 

I would say great work to Derek Jeter on this awesome venture and future quests for the MLB title in Miami.

Mark McGwire
Now what about the Tampa Bay Rays? Well maybe if someone like Mark McGwire decides to go gambling down in Florida and buys the Rays that may pull them out of the mud like the Marlins with Derek Jeter.


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