Tuesday, May 23, 2023

NEWS: Enterainment Scam Not Looking Good In United States From Canada

Gossip / Rumors:

I don't know what the truth is about all this, could be still breaking in the news, other people said the Celebrity Death Notices coming from Australia / New Zealand look... may actually mean the events happened outside of Canada.

Like with bands on tour in Europe / Asia / Pacific, people died and there have been large scams arrested.

The Harvey Weinstein case is "Jay and Silent Bob" characters, that are owned by a larger Entertainment Company, that was produced by Kevin Smith and Harvey Weinstein.

Bernie Madoff and others were arrested for a billions of dollars entertainment scam that people say was just color photocopies that were printed and put up in stores where the companies owned thier own retail inventory.

The music scam at the youth center people said that promoted to put their picture up in the retail store for their band / movie, no store names given, but it was just photocopies.

Then the people were attacked and raped, that is supposed to be the Harvey Weinstein case.

Now other people including Rob Zombie, and Kevin Smith who says he had "sex addiction" during the time of the events.

They are joking and laughing about the Weinstein Rape Trial, making them look guilty and this has ruined their promotions and careers.

On WWE Wrestling Johnny Knoxville starred in the Action Park Movie, Action Point...the rest of the Jackass cast was with Kevin Smith in clips and appeared on WWE where Knoxville fought Sami Zayne from Montreal.

Now Sami Zayne and Roman Reigns have won titles and the others ruined their careers by bringing the Action Park stunts into the WWE Ring and then they are all connected in an outside promotion that could be the Weinstein sexual assault case ruining their careers.

Now people say the sexual assaults could have been form the bootleg retail promotion that carried the actors movies etc., in the scam where people were attacked.

Meaning while on official promotions like "Clerks, Mall Rats" actual company work, they may have been busted in a scam under the table at the bootleg retail stores promising people contracts and luring them in and then sent them to the bootleg store scam where they were sexually attacked. 


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