Monday, May 22, 2023

HALIFAX: Campgrounds Near Splash Adventure

"Atlantic Playland" is now Splash Adventure...

That's the water slide park....

There are multiple camp grounds in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Shubie Park is one of the closest camp grounds to Splash Adventure but I mean it's not really close.

All camp grounds are pretty far out of town in Halifax except for Shubie Park which is a Family Oriented Park meaning no alcohol or cannabis in the camp ground.

They have multiple camp site types to rent (maybe a swimming pool) in different formats, "cabins", drive in camp sites and tent campsites.

Shubie Park closes a 10 PM...pause for a minute, when I say Shubie Park these are National / Provincial Parks so be careful because you can get lost in them.

At Shubie Park they have full amenities like firewood etc., and outdoor cooking sites but the campsite closes for noise at 11 PM and they have security, you are not allowed in the streams, trails and beaches after 10 PM.

Other camp grounds allow legal cannabis only and alcohol at your personal camp site only.

On the internet Shubie Park is listed as the closest camp ground to downtown Halifax but I mean that's still like 12 KM.

They list Rainbow Haven Beach on the internet that does NOT have camping as being close to Shubie Park for camping but it isn't... it's practically on the other side of the province in Cow Bay out of the HRM Area in Naugle.

This beach has summer camp for kids but no campgrounds.

Other campgrounds are basic and offer full services to walk in setup for tents with picnic tables and cooking areas, Provincial Rules mean no alcohol outside the rented camp site and you need permits to stay there and all have full faculties to some extent and most near trails and the Trans Canada Trail Area which has NOT been finished yet between the Shubie Park Area / Splash Adventure and the Shubenacadie Wild Life Park so you can't hike direct from Halifax on the Trans Canada Trail yet.

There are also two additional National / Provincial Parks between Shubie Park and Shubencadie Wildlife Park.

So it's all a great area with tons of lakes trails and National / Provincial Parks and lots of camp grounds which are spread out with beaches across Nova Scotia in the HRM area but I mean you get led the wrong way on web pages because the actual size is much larger, like 540 Square Miles of Wilderness in Nova Scotia away from the downtown HRM in Downtown Halifax.

I mean you can camp for weeks out there and not have to come back in town, but don't get fooled by the Halifax / Nova Scotia Advertised maps because the area is way larger, when they say camp and park they mean National Park and Wilderness Forest Area which cover most of Atlantic Canada anyway, about 1/3 the size of the United States here in Halifax / Atlantic Canada for camping etc. 


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