Wednesday, May 31, 2023

RE: Halifax - Traffic Congestion Etc.

It's super packed in Halifax heading into this summer, I was stuck downtown on the transit twice this past weekend for hours while one bridge was closed and the other 1/4 open or something because of car accidents on the McDonald Bridge on both days.

Now traffic is backed up way past the Mic Mac Mall heading out to the Trans Canada Highway.

In my area it became extremely congested with traffic, but there were also events going on in the area like baseball and rowing and stuff.

So I was out to Bayers Lake which was packed but not traffic congested, now there is so much traffic that the two bridges in Halifax are becoming obsolete.

Now really there is no downtown Halifax, all the services are moving the other way out towards Halifax Shopping Center, where there are building seven new towers, so you need to go around the Bedford Basin which is pretty far to to Sackville where Splash Place is.

Then come in the back way after this services in the city are going to start moving to the next Inlet / Peninsula over where Peggy's Cove is at which is a much larger wooded area than Halifax. 

So if you come off the Metro Transit on the McDonald Bridge to Halifax then when you get there that road is going to be extended to Peggy's Cove in both directions.

The first one out past the Sea Port and then up to Quinpool Road and out to Hailfax Shopping Center...

Behind that is the route to Peggy's Cove the other way where the City is expanding.

My point is you go to Scotia Square at Casino Nova Scotia and the Metro Transit should take you to Peggy's Cove in both directions, this meets up with the new buildings at the Halifax Shopping Center / Bayer's Lake on the back route into the city making the bridges obsolete.

This moves the entire area over to the back route into Halifax behind Bedford Basin and then downtown and my area will become less congested.

Now out at the Provincial Parks and Camp Grounds there was supposed to be security but they have people illegally camping in the parks and not paying lot fees.

Then they are charging the camp customers lot fees and making them get permits for family park use only and the next guy over is camping out in the park which is illegal after 10pm and not paying lot fees....then they don't know how long they are sleeping there with a two week maximum visit.

So all the people illegally camping they owe lot fees plus are getting fined for not paying the fees plus breaking park restrictions by camping without a permit.


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