Thursday, May 25, 2023

Diary Update - May 25, 2023

It's getting pretty slow outside at the start of this Summer here in Halifax, this being one of the world most remote regions to the bigger population...two hour fight vacation spot from New York and Cruise Ship Tourist Trap....

Hopefully we'll be number one in the world soon on some list because it's pretty high up anyway.

For the first time I have mixed feeling's today on this blog, I mean Summer's coming....but blah to a lot of stuff including debt they are claiming.

Music has gone off the rails AGAIN, so I don't know what to think of that...I mean I have pretty busy pages and that...logic tells me to slow down a bit right now for the Summer.

I mean it's pretty bad outside with strikes and traffic jams, stabbings etc., so I don't know what music to promote with all this stuff maybe it's time to take a break for a bit.

So if you follow the heavy metal update on my pages I may have to keep it on the Youtube playlist page which I share to regular metal pages so I'm not dropping them.

I just don't know what the pages will look like, but I'm keeping them as promotional pages for stuff I may be putting out, like public domain albums etc., but expect a change as I have to redevelop all that for myself...I mean it's just mostly a hobby anyway while I work on other stuff.

Too much music right now, it's too loud and stuff with other things going I'm going to have to update all that, the music playlist is shared on those pages but it's "Social Media Pages" I really don't have time for right now.

I really mean though metal bands have played too many concerts too me I mean how many concerts can you play before you get sick of that, I can't keep watching that it's just too long.

Common sense tells me to focus on my own stuff, but I'm keeping the metal pages I'm just going to need a new update to get off social media.

The strike outside is really bad with Canada's household debt larger than the economy.

That doesn't affect National Debt, just "personal debt" which was the warning from the Bank Of Canada, so some lenders may not get paid back.

That's other people, I'm not someone with any debt...ask any of them and I already did all that and it's true...I don't need to be out partying and racking up debt for years.

We'll have to wait and see, music sucks right now with scams no offense to any bands's just really hectic in Halifax right now plus it's storms again.

I'll probably be out hiking and doing some camping and stuff instead and I plan to visit the new Splash Place theme park.

Other people since covid household debt...I live alone and am in that "47" age group and that stuff doesn't apply, they said for other people it's 107% debt pay back in their houses.

What are you talking about, like I didn't borrow my way through covid.

The financial warning is NOT to the public but to people with this debt....they have borrowed more than their assets are worth. 

Now they are looking for wage increases.

It's like pawning your household debt and for every $100 you need to pay $107 back.

Look people that's negative, minus $7 dollars....

Sound's like your NSF to me...

Expect a lot of them people to go down at the bank and lose their assets.

I mean the prediction is to that, trying to maintain the same and after every month you're pay check gets smaller as the negative numbers add up.

Other people like me that doesn't affect them, however I may has less options or have to pay more for items...average rent in Canada right now is $2000 a month.

I don't pay that much and have a locked in rate in my lease for staying in the same spot over several  years as long as I keep the same apartment, I recommend when you rent an apartment to permanently keep it to so you can be at a lower rate as other new apartment rentals rent gets increased on new rental contracts.

People with kids and stuff who work are not in the same position.

They may have to move more frequently, like with new families just starting out or even harder families heading into their 30's as the kids get older debt drastically increases.

Sorry everyone, really though I'm the book worm nerd page.

So I'm taking a break as common sense tells me and getting out of the way of all this.

Just expect more slack pages for the summer for now, but I'll trying to keep the metal playlist up to date on the other pages but I have to cut back the front.

Plus I'm working on my fan scripts pages, which is some is public domain content I'm tagging with my own ideas like a brain storming page and playing Dungeons & Dragons this summer and going to the beach.

So that's where I'll be at...out at the beach or hiking / camping here in Old Nova Scotia.

Ps, new species of animals have been discovered in remote forests lizards and stuff so look out for rare bird sightings out in the wilderness during these conditions.

I mean let's say I just financed a brand new guitar....say like a Gibson or something....just in case you're listening.

A $2000 Les Paul they are paying 107% on....that $4070 dollars (?), I mean piling up your credit cards getting gas for your car a $100 tank of gas costs $207 if you take too long to pay your debts pack say of ten or fifteen yours on the loans.

I mean maybe they are borrowing cash to buy that somewhere else.

You're making me sick with all that debt, so I'll be hiding for the summer but I'll be still on here posting MLB and stuff because I usually watch the whole season on MLB.TV in case you're listing....and no, I'm still paying cash at $30 a month.

So for all you loan sharks you're not getting me into that 107% payback to finance baseball games.

My point is I'm at a stand still and all that's going to be over run with scams and road rage and Halifax is sending me heavy traffic alerts on the windows update thing for the roads here.

What I am talking about?

I'm getting away from all that for the rest of the Summer but I'm still blogging when things come up but I really have to cut it back because it's too crazy out there, good luck with all that.

Plus I'm concerned about Cyclones and power outages, too much going on up here.

I'll still post New York Yankees and all that when stuff happens or storm updates as usual, I just gotta cut that music content for now, follow the summary on the other pages on here I may only be posting bigger releases only while while I do my book and Dungeons & Dragons stuff.

Good luck kids, I'm glad I'm not just starting out.


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