Tuesday, May 23, 2023

RE: My Music Blog Pages

Yeah you guessed it...

That's pretty much enough of all that, I mean I'm not promoting any of that...I mean I'll probably do my own bands page and maybe a few I put out..

I'm switching to a regular shopping page and shopping blog soon anyway to go with my comic book / dungeons and dragons page.

 I mean, 6o Billion dollar scam on there with no money in it, all just color photocopies on it or something.

Every one of them is the Harvey Weinstien sexual assault case form the Jay & Silent Bob Show, now Rob Zombie and Kevin Smith are on there saying stuff like sex addiction problems during all that.

Sorry, sex addiction is not a defense for sexual assault...if that's what they are referring to.

You're all finished in entertainment.

Then all the porn girls you found our five years later were all dead when you first watched it.

No thanks, I stick with my Dungeons & Dragons / Comic Page, you're all dropped.

I'm taking my music blogs down soon and making new ones...waste of time.

Except for A&A Records Pages and that...Death Metal / Black Metal pages Dropped.

PS. You all played too many concerts.

I'll stick with my own page.



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