Monday, May 22, 2023

HALIFAX: Stabbing At Fair On Main Street During Strike

I mean the bums down there on main and people don't obey the speed limit, the fair was in town by the Community College on Woodlawn Ave / Main Street and people out wearing these old metal shirts from the North End.

Eveyone bumming money, like $3 cups of coffee hhahahahahha, I can just imagine giving you that. 

Then the teachers aid people or someone went on strike the same people that walked out on Christmas Concerts then they went down there on strike at the fair and and made this big disturbance dancing with hulahoops on in front of the fair.

Then someone went to the fair and tried to murder someone and stabbed them near to death.

With that bumming crowd down there all begging the town for money with change cups and on strike at the fair from the school, the guy got charged with attempted murder but I mean the other guy who was 18 I doubt can recover from that.



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