Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Dungeons & Dragons: "Official Spoiler" For Next Version - Updated

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition is now the new open source rule book, now they made a new version after this Players Handbook 2024, Dungeon Masters Guide 2024 and Monster Manual 2024.

The base for that rule book is their new updates on the last book Fifth Edition, meaning new rules and scenarios that are not on SRD5.1 open source so you can't use them with your new game.

After viewing all the playtest material and announcements I have a guaranteed Official Hasbro Spoiler following along and developing my own SRD5.1 RPG Game Dragon Tribute & Fan Page / Free RPG Beta Game.

In the next books it will say Species instead of "race" which has been abandoned by Hasbro but is still in SRD5.1.

That's the Official Hasbro Spoiler, I mean it's not big but it's a real true spoiler.

That's what the Player's Handbook 2024 is supposed to look like...the word "race" has been replaced to Species, now only new versions will have Species listed as character type.

My Monster's Of The Multiverse Guide:



This Dungeons & Dragons news is based on internet publications that I consider official because they appear on pages like Google News...based on that "race" being changed to "species" in the next version...

This is past the release of SRD5.1 , Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Open Source Rule Book...

That means that after this comes out and I think the actual story was that the word "race" was taken out of One D&D and replaced with "species"in the Unearthed Arcana Playtest, then the second announcement was in internet pages listed at sources like Google News on the internet.

The point to that here in this update, Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons is still the current version...

That series or set, past tense now that the new edition is coming out in 2024, so that is the version that is the same as SRD5.1.

That includes the current "Monsters Of The Multiverse" version.

Now the new game has fallen back to 2024...

If that is all changed in the next version for this "Official Spoiler" going around on internet pages then the full "Monsters Of The Multiverse" won't appear until after 2024 after the new Players Handbook is released.

So it's good they have a playable monster book, but it's already out of date with the new Players Handbook coming out, then the newer versions won't be until way later.


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