Friday, May 19, 2023

RE: Illegall Store Fronts - Halifax Notices

I think I mentioned on this blog a while back that homeless people were squadding on Spring Garden Road in front of a women's lingerie / clothing type store (robes, pajamas etc., silk gowns or whatever and underwear) and harassing everyone for money and women couldn't get in to shop.

The store CLOSED, now a new restaurant came in selling "Coffee & Alcohol" in the same spot....

Today I was out shopping, still problems with "communications boxes" with smashed lines in Halifax still down or falling down now during all this with static on power plugs, and they had a public notice up of a liqour sales violation and a public meeting at the Parklane Mall.

I don't know any details, looks like they were selling alcohol and coffee drinks during AM hours with people in it drinking, now they have been publicly cited at Parklane Mall...I don't what it is specifically but a notice was posted on the Mall Hallway Wall next to the Women's Shoe Store.

Now in New York they are raiding illegal cannabis shops and they had to call in the "Department Of Mental Hygiene" about the workers in the shops lack of washing is how I took it.

In Halifax the homeless people smell so bad you can't sit in the Parklane Mall when they are there  and they are outside with signs girating their hips at people...

My point is the Department Of Mental Hygine is on them now from New York City so hopefully they will have that in Halifax to fix the downtown problems with people loitering are bumming "cups of coffee" I can just imaging handing that out $75 value to anyone down there and all bumming people for $50 is how I took it.



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