Saturday, September 16, 2023

RE: MLB Yankees, Another Hurricane

New York Tankees suck this year, I mean Atlanta is the winner New York got like 75 wins which is still good but didn't make the Wild Card with two weeks left until playoffs.

Don't worry MLB...I kept my subscription to so you can still have my $30 a month plus I might watch the playoffs.

You just get sick of these guys like New York that have an awesome 2/3 season every year then suck out after the All Star Break, I're no Ken Griffy Jr. or anyone yet.

What I mean is, they must be getting tired from playing and don't have proper workouts because they keep tanking out and sucking, getting hurt all year.

Get a new work out or something, why don't you buy a weight bench and running track or something so you can get some practice.

Another Hurricane!

More storms on the East Coast and Halifax never recovered from last year and there are still power lines down everywhere from last year and smashed communication cable boxes on the wires everywhere.

Now there is another storm, prepare for a bad winter.


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