Sunday, September 24, 2023

RE: Heavy Metal On Public Domain, Sound Taken Off Streaming (?)

Many Heavy Metal Record Label Names have now become become public domain along with band names, stage names, videos and music albums.

Now many songs on the internet seem to have no sound on them like the company cancelled them and now their is no "expensive sound" on artists performing under public domain stage names and label names.

Not all artists / albums have been announced yet for the public domain released albums but it looks like most heavy metal acts have already switched to the public domain format with no sound on the albums and videos from the actual record company.

Like I mentioned on this blog before, Heavy Metal albums only had about 1/3 of the super audio sound on their records, were recorded in two weeks and never made it to HD Super Audio format, SA-CD.

Now it looks like their sound got cancelled on the players online including a massive "samsung hd failure" and that hi def format no longer works on players (streaming devices) causing the sound and picture to stick.

Public Domain heavy metal albums have to be re-recorded to fit on the new HD SA-CD Super Audio format record companies tell me that many of those recordings cost $10,000 a day to produce for SA-CD and only top hits appear on the format.

The point is heavy metal artists do not spend that much money or time to make their albums and it looks like their sound has been dropped from all devices along with samsung hi-def and now they have all these cheap obscene videos out that you can't hear or watch that are not promoted by mainstream companies on streaming devices.

The artists playing ahead on the format from the listing of the actual albums released into the public domain along with the cancelled sound / picture (1/3 high def recordings) shows that all heavy metal albums have been released into the public domain except for a small batch of albums.

So far there is a large list of albums published that were released into the public domain, however on the streaming players almost all heavy metal artists are on the cancelled sound format playing ahead of the list announcement of bands / labels / albums from the record company show that most heavy metal albums have already been released into public domain ahead of the company list of records published on the internet.

Edit, I mean the NEW heavy metal albums coming (NEW RECORDS NOT IN PUBLIC DOMAIN) out are using public domain names NEW songs / records with no sound 1/3 HD BEFORE SA-CD conversion, then playing public domain songs live on tour with no record company sound.

Meaning, most heavy metal "characters" stage name, songs, record label names are public domain released now AHEAD of the record company list.

So the new records coming out are their copyrighted versions for new material , using public domain material to make those songs including record label, band and stage names from public domain to make the new band after the public domain release, back catalog albums that are already public domain.


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