Thursday, September 28, 2023

COMMENTARY: Halifax Not Represented In Ottawa, Huge Storm Effects Still Surging

The news from "Canada's" Capital Ottawa differs much from here in Halifax (Old Nova Scotia) one cares about Port Royal anymore.

It's all still there, 1700's structures etc. Government House Canada's Oldest Parliament Building still up and running.

Just a few weeks after the last hurricane and one year after the worst storm to hit power was out for three days.

This and more downed power lines...dead telephone poles and "communications boxes" broken and hanging from wires.

Sparks on the lines etc., no sign of Canada seems to be causing heating element devices to work slow or not at all, with clothes taking days to dry...people with only wet clothes to wear to the office.

What will the teachers do when the dryers stop working and all clothes are wet? 

Will they keep teaching?

Who knows when all this will be fixed, families as usual enrolling their kids in school in Ontario now.

Down here it will be all working on the school textbooks here in Halifax during the low power period.

I expect a cold icy winter with low will take a while yet to get all this fixed..the storm damage is just starting to be seen now with the communications boxes just starting oo fall down that everyone can see.

It's getting plain to see that the whole grid was severely damaged in the storm, I mean they will have to fix every pole here in Old Nova Scotia, that's going to take a long time.

Right in the middle of all this, now birds have taken over the Burger King garbage cans demanding the public feed them Jalapenio Whoppers.


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