Monday, September 25, 2023

HALIFAX: Squadders Downtown Around Hanging Around Internet Hack Sites & Homeless Camp

You can see this right downtown in Halifax....they got these fake "hack business" like people that used to work for "Access Nova Scotia" that used to tell you all the rules wrong all have these homeless shelters set up on the pier using the "five star bailiff & security" to protect the shelter and homeless camp.

Now all the people that filed fake court cases against the town at the Tenancy Board pretending to be "court bailiffs" with fake papers have the same thing setup as the hack at


The issue at the DMV and Tenancy board was a fake computer on a similar hack as, now they have fake papers saying they run a homeless shelter and homeless camp, and the same fake people I sued "five star bailiff" are all down there protecting their people in the camp calling themselves "five star security" squadding with fake court papers.

Obviously, this is the same in Halifax it was landlords at the tenancy board filing fake cases against tenants with fraud court papers that everyone threw out, now they are all downtown at an illegal homeless camp telling everyone with fake court papers on the hack they are security for the tents and homeless shelter.



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