Sunday, September 24, 2023

RE: Public Domain CD Release Argument

I'm not getting into a discussion on here about the rules of public domain because you're allowed using it for anything.

What I mean is the record label name, band, album and stage name get released into pulic domain.

If someone BUYS the .com for the record label name with a new logo and url registration only they can use that version.

I mean if Sony became public domain, then  if I buy those are MY versions.

No one can copy that. 

Then anything I release on that url using public domain material to make my own albums / songs etc.,  only I can sell at .

Everyone would know that my record label that uses public domain material is only my property on if the name sony was public domain and I registered the url as a new business.

Everyone would know that the one's that appear on that url are only MY versions.

Other url's would be different companies, using public domain material to make their own versions.

Like new heavy metal albums coming out that have no sound on them on streaming from big companies.


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