Monday, September 25, 2023

NEWS: Hack Page Found Embedded On

The big news story from a couple months back is being revealed...

On millions of albums have been released into the public domain on open source, headache just reading it let alone using the files, and someone uploaded fake pages onto the archive on the user content upload screen.

When you go to some listings they loaded Spotify samples that play from someone spotify account and youtube account.

So the album is on Youtube then they streamed it back to on a hack, then they added sample pages from spotify links and try and trick you into paying for free songs from archive on Spotify.

The hack looks like its on the media player on archive then when you play the file it streams backwards from youtube and spotify inside the media player.

Then the plays add to someone's youtube account and ask you to pay to listen on spotify on someone's account in the background of the media header on a hidden url or something.

The archive page is hard to use but after I got some explanation if an album is on the page then the artwork is also public domain but the page is confusing with millions of pages to read.


It's like they added a second listing to some open source on the upload page with a hack as a second album listing on the upload section with a fake media player on the top of the page that streams backwards from youtube and spotify.

So if you see that on there it is a second listing and means the actual album is public domain with the art but some are spammed with fake uploads and hack code on the media player.



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