Tuesday, September 19, 2023

HALIFAX: "Local Radio" Shares Top Stories For HRM Residents, "Atlantic / Caribbean Zone"

During yet another hurricane and ongoing power outage plus "low power outage", power on communication boxes down with more static on power lines and home plugs.

Points to take away from HRM Radio in Atlantic Canada / Caribbean Zone:

-Housing Crisis, many people paid DOUBLE for houses and products for prime real estate paying $600,000 for $300,000 homes downtown area that were ruined during the storms and now valueless.

-High rent apartments single apartments being shared being rented by two people who have to make $26 an hour each to keep the units.

-Local Restaurants have no job applicants with two hour wait times to be served at local restaurants downtown.  

-Doctors refuse to work in Halifax because of local restaurants because of two hour wait times.

-Many local businesses have no job applicants, citizens won't work there.

-Local flaming of "immigrants" live on radio call in's about them filling many jobs in Halifax.

-Immigrants were UK Citizens and Refugees filling the job void's left by no job applicants in Halifax.

-Influx of Caribbean UK residents in Halifax to work at Casino and Food Service chains like McDonalds.

-Talk of new stadiums leads to discussion that Casino Nova Scotia will be the home of NHL Expansion Team Halifax Mooseheads, with new Montreal NHL Expansion teams from CHL.

-More talk of NFL / CFL Expansion in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

-Upcoming closure of Halifax High School at Halifax Commons Area.

-Expanded bus and local Metro Transit in HRM connecting to larger cities like New York, Montreal and Toronto with cheaper travel.

-Debated issues for "local income" off new professional stadiums only about small business in the area around the construction, with no effect on larger projects.

- Halifax / Caribbean Areas will eventually receive housing grants from the Nova Scotia Government on an individual case by case basis to replace old units / housing ruined by recent storms, earthquakes etc.

-Removal of GST Tax for building supplies for new cheaper housing construction, passed in 2015 still not in place yet.

-No timeline on reconstruction dates and new grant money for new housing has yet been announced.

-No courts available currently in HRM to resolve local land disputes between residents.


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