Thursday, September 21, 2023

RE: MLB Yankees, Can't Play

Do you ever get sick of watching this, Yankees fall back another 1.5 games,'s pretty pathetic that you get to the last part of the season and the television stuff is all going with all the hype.

Now in the larger competition the players can't even stand in the spot to hold the bat to play the game like players on past years.

I mean you get here and then what?

The bat for the playoffs is too heavy or what and the team can't swing it or meet the standard plays to Yankees franchises in the past.

The same with Toronto, now instead you get some kind of little league ball on the big league field and they can't meet the prints for the pictures for the baseball cards.

I mean obviously these players are too small and the season is too long by 1/3 which is the actual job there, even Aaron Boone manager was only a utility player. 

This is pathetic, one Barry Bonds or Ken Griffy Jr. could have beat all these guys by himself.

I mean what, like on the field they want some kind of little league season then when you get to the hard part the Yankees can't hold the bat or throw to Olympic Baseball play, why don't you just quit already?

It's like the rookie weightlifter went to the big competition and as soon as they switched to the new weights for the competition with heavier lifting no one can throw or hit the ball or lift the weights.

Still tho, go "Blue Jays"...that's local to me in Canada, but why do you got all these utility players up that can't lift weights or run on the field for the last part of the season for the playoff run.

Contract breach or what,...I'd want my money back from these players.

Now you get to the part of the season that everyone watches and no one can play or meet the look of the field on television and all the players are worn out and tired, can't run or hit in the last 1/3 of the year now they want some "little league game" on instead with no playoff mlb print for tv and baseball cards.

The camera man can't even follow the game looking for plays that aren't coming continuously having to follow some little league game.

Now they try and pass this off with little league players and utility players as managers from past teams trying to pass this off as OFFICIAL MLB games and television prints for cards and merchandise and no one can play or meet the basic game standards on the new MLB rule book.

I give a baby a Nintendo pad and he can't win the MLB video game on hard either.

You all fucking suck, the MLB needs a refund from these chumps on the field.

At least you can see on the new cameras what the new MLB Game Rule's are supposed to look like for 2023, but you're not getting it from these players in the league today, complete garbage. 

Edit, This just explains the "success" in MLB of players like Jose Altuve who people say are too small for the game, they are playing some little league format. Pathetic.


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