Sunday, September 17, 2023

RE: New MLB Rules / Changes Needed

Again, commentators around MLB keep saying that the World Series used to have less meaning than today.

Today you can see that in the past teams won with a smaller list of teams playing before the league expansion.

To me that sums up the following, MLB World Series has lost it's meaning again...

I mean it's hard to put a championship "World Series Title" out when the format itself only means divisional play.

I mean, how can you have an expanded league today with an out of date Championship meant for smaller Divisional Play with less teams in the league.

So you get after a full MLB season the actual winners list for Division and League Winners, then a "Tradition" Series after this called the MLB Playoffs that should be switched to a more exhibition format with less focus on it being the winner of the season.

I mean, it's just a tournament play based on the top performing teams of the year.

They should keep this then ALSO include the WBC World Baseball Classic or Olympic Baseball as the "Round Robin" and "Tournament Play" for the MLB Season or Olympic Winners etc.

Then MLB need to focus more on the regular season 162 Games.

Goals for MLB to think about:

-Do more with Player Stats for regular season play.

-More emphasis on the 162 Season Game for the actual season winners.

-Expanded player format for 162 games for Betting at MGM Casino Play during regular season games.

-Keep World Series Title for "traditional purposes" and then include new tournaments like the World Baseball Classic and Olympic Play into the 162 game season.

Building on these areas will please fans like me of watching the entire season, while casual fans can still enjoy the separate win for the World Series Title.


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