Thursday, February 13, 2020

See I Am Being Assaulted On The Internet

I don't know if this is some kind of hate group or what, a small heavy metal page looks like they rewrote their article or something on my lawsuit from 2012 and are flaming me to death in the article and all flaming and spamming me, obviously they are the some of the ones who are harassing me in the metal music community like in the North End in Halifax, whatever.

Besides all that that whole record not just one song is specifically targeting me in plagiarism and also copies my cover art which they changed, and the whole group of people and their press behind it is all flaming me. 


"Yesterday we received a press release from an outfit called Forward Regression Records"

Yeah man, it's a business...right in the actual music community and we played with Sony artists and stuff.

"a song from Collapse, an unknown (as far as we can tell) death metal/grind band from Nova Scotia, Canada"

You know all about me, you're the ones assaulting me on the internet.

"I responded to Forward Regression's original press release and accused them of launching a lame publicity stunt."

No you didn't. 

My quote:

"If this were a publicity stunt, it is Season of Mist and Terrorizer not Collapse and Forward Regression who are creating the controversy. By coping our album art and lifting riffs directly off our album."

Their response:

"That last sentence doesn't make much sense to me. If Terrorizer wanted to engage in a publicity stunt, choosing to target a band and label with no following seems rather pointless."

That's what I told them, after that article were published the band's legal representative wrote me claiming that I also had no band, that's what I meant to them.

The other people are saying they are using my material and telling me I have no band, that's how they are creating the controversy. 

I also took that as a threat to me from the bands representatives, plus after that I received death threats on the internet.

"When I contacted Season of Mist about the matter, still doubtful of its legitimacy, they indicated that this is a real lawsuit and that it will likely end up in court. I'm positive that they're not losing any sleep over it though.

I really didn't want to post anything about this and give Collapse or Forward Regression any exposure, but the whole situation was just too odd not to comment on."

I don't know what you people at think Season Of Mist Records is but it's not real, where I work at is  at the Corporation level and would be in direct conatact with Sony's head office for my complaints.

You don't to give me any exposure? by harassing me to death on the internet?

Why's that because you are the ones doing it?

The situation is too odd?

What you people don't get is that you are advertising on the internet that you are a music magazine and you said you were looking for stories, why you are attacking me personally is unrealistic from your webpage.

You are all claiming on your page that you are all in a vendetta against me or something in music magazines in heavy metal, and you are out trying to rally for support against me in defense of a music news story, which is what you claim to promote on you page.

Why your several music pages are claiming to be in a fight with me at my home and business on the internet, and rallying for support for it on the internet and claiming it's the "metal community vs Jason MacKenzie on music pages" is not realistic.

I don't think there is any way that could be a real music page, plus I was assaulted at my home leading up to this then the people from Season of Mist also harassed me to death and flamed me over it.

You people attacking me outside and assaulting me on the internet are not going to continue, just remember you are the ones who wanted to do it in print against me here in Halifax.



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