Wednesday, February 19, 2020

MUSIC: Anomalies In The Kiss Biographical Material

Here are some anomalies I uncovered when researching Kiss and some coincidences. Nothing Crazy here just some facts to point out.

This may be approximate, Kiss apparently have like six hundred biographies and photos and documentation for everyone of them, I mean how much material did they make anyway.

The Original Kiss, who will hopefully now be turned into holograms like all rock stars and continue to tour forever into the future on the internet, only played for five years.

That's from 1973 - 1977 with their original lineup, after this Peter Criss was not in the band although he is credited for being on two albums but they used a session drummer for their last couple Peter Criss albums.

Back then Kiss must have been under tremendous pressure to perform, their height in the 1970's only lasted about two years maxing out in 1977 after the release of "Destroyer" because of the song "Beth" featuring Peter Criss, obviously the most mainstream member of Kiss because of the song "Beth", after this he didn't play anymore in the 1970's.

Kiss did not get started commercially until after 1975 with the release of "Alive 1", the main part of Kiss was the "Alive 2" time period for the albums "Rock n' Roll Over", "Destroyer" and "Love Gun" which was the commercial height of Kiss in 1977.

After this Peter Criss was not on the records. 

Kiss also said their inspiration for their stage show was Alice Cooper and the Phantom of the Opera and Paul Stanley also did a brief stunt on the Phantom of the Opera stage show.

Ace Frehley only lasted like two records after 1977 just like Peter Criss and Kiss keeps changing their biography around the material. 

They said his last official credited record with his image on it was "Creatures of the Night" now they are also crediting Vinnie Vincent as playing lead guitar on the album as well as Ace Frehley on guitar so there is still some confusion on the album credits for "Creatures of the Night".

In the 1970's the main Kiss promotion was for five years for six records, ending in 1977...obviously the band was overworked and was called a commercial failure by 1978 one year later, tough crowd out there, after the release of "Beth" and Peter Criss and Ace Frehley could no longer play, they were probably just worn out.

In the 1980's MTV launched off the Kiss makeup reveal, so they helped launch MTV in the 1980's by doing their make up reveal on the air on MTV and also had huge commercial success in the 1980's as a "regular" rock / metal band.

1980's band members Mark St. John and Eric Carr both suffered from health issues, Mark St. John's hands swelled with an arthritis inflammation while touring playing the Ace Frehley material and left the band and Eric Carr died of a heart tumor.

Tupac Shakur was the person who announced the Kiss reunion on television in the 1990's for the East Coast band Kiss, then he was murdered in a drive by shortly after this in the East Coast West Coast rap music violence potentially over the jealously of the Kiss attention he received from doing their television announcement in a gang war. 

The Kiss reunion was during my high school graduation.

The "Psycho Circus" album was released when I worked at a record store at the mall, this was a huge record at my store and the place was packed back then. Looking back on this I had the awesome experience of running a record store during the Kiss Reunion album and was promoting that at my store at the same time as Norway Black Metal and all that.

That was probably one of the most fun times I ever had, when I worked running a record store that's when the Kiss reunion album came out and I got to be there for the promotion of an original Kiss Record.

This time with their original lineup Kiss played again with Peter Criss for five years but only did one record instead of six, a more realistic goal and expectation and did a longer tour off one album instead of wearing themselves out trying to record too many albums.

The "Original Kiss" farewell tour with Peter and Ace lasted until around 2001, that's when I went to University and stopped working at the record store. 

Just some awesome coincidences I noticed when researching the band Kiss.


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