Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Look Everyone, Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Juice
Look what I found everyone, vegetable juice. 

That's right not only have I discovered the power of oats I just discovered that you can make juice out of vegetables, now make sure to go tell everyone about vegetable juice.

This is super important, tomato juice is the main vegetable juice then you can add stuff to it like celery in V8 brand vegetable juice.

What is exciting about this is now I have vegetable juice to go with oatmeal.

The problem with vegetable juice is that I used to think it was super gross, however I like the actual vegetable but didn't like the juice.

I researched the history of vegetable juice and there is not much material on the internet, in fact I think V8 Vegetable Juice might actually be the first vegetable juice ever invented, although it says they started in the 1930's.

I'm putting this in my talking out of my ass category because I don't know what I'm talking about, personally I think vegetable juice was invented in the 1980's for the invention of the automatic juicing machine.  

Like no one knows where it came from, it was just sitting there all of a sudden. I think the real origins of vegetable juice are from television infomercials.

The great thing about vegetable juice is that you can just get your vegetable servings by drinking it as juice and not be forced to eat vegetables so it it super healthy for you.

The problem with vegetable juice, I used to think this was disgusting and I found it hard to drink so I just spit it out, but come on someday you're going to have to face drinking vegetable juice so you don't want to be the only person not having some.

This is the main breakthrough in vegetable juice, they put the roots and the top of the vegetable in the juice in the juicer, like the little green part on the top of the tomatoes and carrots, like the leaf part and the root part.

The bad taste in the vegetable juice actually turns out to be the roots and the leaves of the vegetable, like in tomato juice the bad taste in it is the tomato leaves, like they taste super strong in the juice.

To like vegetable juice you have to keep drinking it to used to the taste of the leaves and stuff in in it like in tomato juice, I just hold it in my mouth as long as I can to get used to it. 

Then your body has to get used to processing the tomato leaves and roots for example or any vegetable leaves and juice.

That might in fact give you hives while your processing the juice with the leaves in it, like there is a "bad taste" inside your body, when you eat the leaves and roots inside the juice it tastes bad to you.

That is probably not real, that is your body processing the leaves and roots in the vegetable juice for the first time...this might also give you hives and a headache.

After your body processes the leaves and roots you won't be able to taste it anymore...I tried this with several foods and now I can eat them. It turns out that it was stuff I never had before or much, then you get used to it and the bad taste goes away.

Not only that I think people who drink vegetable juice might all be high off the roots and leaves, then when you keep drinking it and start to like it run and tell all your neighbors that you have discovered vegetable juice after your body processes the taste and you start to like it.


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