Friday, February 21, 2020

Get Real: The RCMP Has No Authority In Indian Blockade

Canada Rail Blockades
I've added a "Get Real" section to my blog, get real the Canadian RCMP Police which is the Royal Police in Canada or the Queen's Police from England has zero authority over the dispute with the Indian tribes which keep changing their "band names", that's Indian band not music band what are they talking about?

RCMP Offer To Move Off Indian Lands To Resolve Rail Blockades 

Get real man, they're not allowed doing any of that. 

The RCMP is not allowed to negotiate an agreement with the Indian tribes in Canada over their attacks on our rail and shipping system and has no authority to negotiate land deals with Native Americans. 

What they are trying to say is that the Indian Blockades are a local police matter, and the cops are handling it. 

Uh, nobody called the cops over that plus it's not their jurisdiction to step in from the RCMP to make any decision. I mean over shooting you're authority there a little bit aren't you?

The Cops have no authority to negotiate land deals with rail blockades for Canada's infrastructure. 

The RCMP are claiming to have an awful lot of authority in Canada in the Parliament all of a sudden aren't they?

They're equating this with some kind of hostage situation on an Indian Reservation where they have the authority to step in an negotiate with the criminal in a one person situation.

Now the RCMP is applying this to all of Canada's infrastructure, I call scam.

This is a scam, not only are the rail blockades a scam so are the cops at the RCMP trying to pass off that they have the authority to speak on this matter which they don't. 

The Prime Minister is the only person who is suppose to speak on the issue from the Government plus this is Canadian Military jurisdiction not the local police or it falls back to the Queen of England to resolve the matter, in fact the Queen should be speaking on the rail blockades.

Not only that companies are using this as part of the scam as a threat to raise store prices which they do EVERY TIME anything happens, so when the Indians are blocking the rail lines business are out there threatening to raise prices and lowering store inventories, when we already can't afford barely anything in the store anyway...AGAIN!, and the cops are on television claiming they are allowed to step in and handle this and they are lying. 

Not only that the "Wet'suwet'en" Indian Tribe is not even a recognized Indian Tribe in Canada plus it's brand new and they keep making new tribes and changing their names, they're not allowed doing that.

The actual tribe is the Athabascan Indians from Western Canada, these other tribes are just people forming together and changing the tribe names and have no recognition in Canada and are attacking schools, monuments and rail lines with no recognition.

They can't start changing their names and keep their Indian Tribe status in Canada, only the official one is recognized. Then the RCMP step in on the Canadian Military to negotiate, yeah I don't think so cops get real.

I'm telling you this is a total scam, now businesses are trying to raise prices off it with their friends in the cops....again. Get real.


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