Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Struggles Of The Modern Scientist

Here is the problem with science today, scientific theory for inventions is progressing faster than we have the capabilities to manufacture the inventions, which is a similar theme to the computer microprocessor and hard drive space which gets ever cheaper and more advanced.

The question is to release the invention for the betterment of humanity or hold it back to privately develop the product, well the better solution for humanity is to release the invention as a free patent like the light bulb or something then everyone can work on it together.

When you get brainstorming about science and inventions you start saying you need something to make you life more convenient, this is what we have come up with to release to the world as a free patent since we don't have any money to develop these types of products, by the time we did that I could already have one at home from someone else.  

Here it is everyone, our designs for the automatic heating and freezing device. 

Like the microwave except for automatic put drink in the device like a microwave, set the temperature that you want the liquid cooled to or frozen, press the button and it cools your drink to the temperature like the opposite effect of the microwave.

This device in fact is a microwave and freezing device mixed together. You put your item in the device and select the temperature you want the item, usually food, cooled to or heated up to from boiling to frozen. 

So it will boil your water or liquid or freeze it by pressing the temperature button on the front automatically like the microwave.

The problem to do that everyone has been solved by public discussion but no one has any money to manufacture the device.

Like this, the microwave heat source to heat up food items uses the power current from the wall socket...the electricity coming into the microwave is used to make the food hot from the power supply.

However, there is no cold settings.

The refrigerator has cold freezing capabilities but no automatic freezing settings so you have to wait for you liquid to cool or freeze.

This is the is a microwave mixed with a freezer from a refrigerator, that does hot and cold at the same time. 

Now imagine it's like you put you microwave inside the freezer in your fridge and it does hot and cold.

Here is the specific function....

The device is a power supply like a microwave hooked up to a freezer with Freon coolant in it, so it has the power and heat from the microwave but also has a coolant chamber from the refrigerator freezer. 

The microwave functions work the same, but you press the temperature you want it heated to and it runs until your food reaches the temperature with a thermometer in it and with a guide on it with recommended food heat settings. 

Now the cold settings are the same you press the temperature button on the front and the Freon inside the device will automatically cool the liquid to the specified temperature or freeze it to 0 Degrees Celsius.

This is how it works.

The device contains Freon which generates ice inside the device like a freezer in the fridge.

Now the freezing functions are extremely simple as follows:

The power supply used to generate heat for the microwave is used to heat the ice inside the chamber which melts it creating cold air.

The cold freezing air is then pumped into the liquid to cool or freeze the drink.

Think of the microwave with a coolant inside it to keep the microwave from overheating, when you use the microwave cold air comes off it from the ice melting.

That cold air that is generated is used to freeze warm liquids by having the cold air pumped inside the chamber which automatically cools your water or food or instantly freezes meat for packing and storage.

You would wrap you meat in freezer wrap, then select "freeze" on the front menu and then the heat from the microwave power supply would melt the ice and then pump the cold air into the chamber to instantly freeze your meat to be stored in the freezer or to cool drinks.

That is the whole solved invention.

It would look like a microwave or be an attachment to a refrigerator since it already contains coolant.

The front would look exactly like a microwave only it contains coolant like a refrigerator freezer, the front would have a temperature scale on it like a sticker the top would be red and say boiling and as you went down the sticker it would turn blue to show cold to zero degrees celisus which is freezing.

So you put your drink into the chamber like a microwave and then select your temperature from the scale from cold to hot to heat, cool, freeze or boil your liquid or heat or cool your food.

I am releasing this as a free open public patent on the internet to everyone so that all of humanity can help manufacture this device so we can all have one by next Christmas, just like the people who lost the patent for the automatic coffee filter.

Now everyone can we are the people who lost the patent for the automatic cooling device, just like the people who lost the coffee filter patent.



Yes, it also has a regular microwave timer on it for normal usage as well the temperature method of cooking, plus men are allowed using one but they are only for women who own the kitchen I am being told. 

So, apparently girls have to own that.


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