Saturday, February 15, 2020

Rebuttal: Why It's Pointless To Start Arguments On The Internet

The last thing you need to have to happen is get up and have someone quoting Robert Saunders at you.

In response to this article:

Why It's Pointless To Start Arguments On The Internet

You are right, I totally agree with that.

Robert Saunders means that people are involved in pointless arguments because of their feelings and don't argue with facts because they are only arguing about their feelings so you can never win an argument on the internet, like they are just flaming you with no facts.

I totally agree with that, arguing on the internet is pointless plus they might not even know what you are talking about when they argue with you. Like they say in the article they don't use facts they are only arguing basing on their feelings.

My point is this, they shouldn't be doing that on the internet if they claim to be running an internet magazine, they should stick to music.

Their page just becomes some message board like face book or something with people arguing on it with no facts.

Plus it's like this, the internet is not real anyway.

Like, it's just some crayola crayon page that everyone reads with a bunch of cartoons on it and stuff, then when you close you laptop and go to the store it doesn't exist outside I mean, it's not real.

So you can't get wrapped up in these arguments anyway because it's just bullshit on the internet. For myself I get totally sucked in to the internet and wrapped up in all the content and start blogging about it like it's real life....but it isn't.

It's entertainment only, plus it's immature but that's the point of it. 

I could sit here going on yelling on the internet all day about the NHL but if I get up and go shopping or go to Starbucks that's not real outside. 

Like it shuts off as soon as you close your laptop or it's for shopping.

Internet arguing is not a real thing anyway, as long as it stays on the internet and no you can't win because there's no facts behind it and it's not real anyway.

My point is I'm just going on about it anyway, only on the internet. That's not real outside, as soon as I get up it is gone. It's just my source of entertainment.

My problem is the internet is not real in real life, people read my pages on the internet and then came to my house an attacked, assaulted me and flamed me for years outside in real life. 

No one would ever do that over seeing a webpage on the internet, like finding out who they are and coming to their house.

Then they flamed me on the internet and attacked me at home at the same time, they are fucked in the head, like that stuff's not real in real life off the internet. They shouldn't be coming to someone's house and assaulting them over a webpage.

That's fucked in the head behavior.

Then they started tampering with my webpages and stuff, like it's not even real man fuckoff.

Then they say it's a music magazine, then they turn into a public message board flaming you with the people that attacked you at your home over you webpage.

Right so the internet argument is pointless, I agree with I am just venting about it because I was attacked at my house, I mean get a life or something.

Beyond that they shouldn't be backing and participating in an argument on a website claiming to be a magazine, then flaming you with the people assaulting you at your home...that's just the same people anyway. 

My advice is this, keep your argument on the internet if you're gonna do that because you're  mentally retarded if you start going to people houses over their webpage on some Crayola Crayon page on the internet like they did to me.


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