Wednesday, February 19, 2020

REVIEW: Cirith Ungol Live Video Premier

Metal Blade Records streamed today just a few minutes ago the Premier of the song "Legions Arise" by Cirith Ungol, link below.

I streamed the premier of the video on the channel on YouTube and on the website simultaneously. 

The point here is the channel "Death Metal" on YouTube is , Metal Blade is the Record Label at Sony or somewhere, so we're the Death Metal Smart TV app through youtube. 

So if you watch you could see the premier live on the television and blu ray player on the website for the tv app promotion, like it was live on MTV or something.

Here is my review, the band is good anyway. 

I watched on the computer and the television at the same time, there was about 88 people watching the premier for Metal Blade Records and about 148 when it ended. 

So I was on it and Metal Blade was probably on it and like 150 fans.

It looked fine on the computer, however on the smart tv app there were a couple problems for example the premier time was 4 hours off on the blu ray player app and said and said 5pm instead of 1pm Atlantic, then the stream said "ended 8 seconds ago" when it was still playing.

My Main problem was while waiting for the stream to start on the app on the blu ray player the machine didn't recognize the count down timer to the video like 25 minutes to go or something and the player thought the screen was idle and automatically shut off with the count down playing, it's a Sony player, so the screen was active on the player counting down to the premier but the player didn't recgonize it and shut off thinking the screen was idle.

Now bad though and it looked fine on the computer, so pretty good for our first live video stream at on the smart tv app from the Metal Blade Records label page at Sony or somewhere.


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