Thursday, August 30, 2018

Price Gouges and Income Assistance Wages ***Updated***

Right, so I went to the store and it costs $20 for hair elastics and deodorant. So if you buy regular hair elastics and Speed Stick Deodorant now  some places are charging $20 for that at almost $10 per item - not covered on welfare checks.

Then they wanted a laughable $80 for blank CD-R's and DVD-R's in Halifax for a 100 spindle. $80 dollars for blank DVD's? Are you on crack, no one is going to pay those prices.

Right yeah no one is going to pay $54.99 for a pizza or $41.98 for a combo at a Steakhouse restaurant. 

Don't pay those prices go to a discount store or order it on the internet.

Then they changed the check recipient bus pass and they changed the welfare amount that you can claim on your check when you work in Halifax.

It was $300 and then they claim 30% over that amount.

So they changed that and you can keep more money now if you make over a certain amount.

Now this is how you know the other group is running the welfare office, they increased the amount you can keep when you work and then they cut the $300 amount by $13.50.

So now if you make $300 you can only keep $287.50 on their calculator.

That's how you know it is them running it, they issue an increase on the higher amount and then they cut the lower amount.

They are just doing that to be pricks to show you they run it, why would they bother to say they are cutting the $300 by $13.50? Thay are just doing that to be pricks.

They sent out this pamphlet with these examples,  they go if you make $300 the old amount you're allowed to keep $250 plus 75%. 

That's a $13.50 cut to the original $300, why would they even bother saying that.

That $13.50 is why I hate them at the Government, they are the worst people to ever exist. They just do that to spit in your face that they don't like you at the Government. 

It's nice to live in area where the Government hates the citizen's so much that to give an increase they have to cut the original amount by $13.50 yea right. They are just doing that to be pricks, why would they even bother to say that over $13.50 if it wasn't just to piss you off.

Then they have this example and go if Maggie works and is on basic welfare she used to make $585 a month on her welfare check and then she earned $840 a month at her job.

Under the old rules her welfare check was reduced to $102 a $483 dollar reduction and makes $942 a month.

Under the new rules she brings home $1170 a $228 dollar increase. 

Now if you make $250 - $500 you keep $250 plus 75% of the other $250 which is $437 so they claim $63.

If you make $750 you keep $437 Dollars plus 50% over $500 - so if you make $750 you keep $437.50 plus $156.50 = $593. So they claim $157.

If you make over $750 you keep $562 plus 25% of the rest.  They claim $188 over $750 and then you can keep 25% of the rest, by that point you're almost off welfare anyway.

Then they made an online app to estimate your income:

I bet tons of the welfare workers in Nova Scotia must hate those increases since they hate their clients do much. 

It must just kill them that some the government is letting them keep more wages now.

Yeah, then they just can't increase that without touching the original amount of $300 can they. 

No, no, no they have to reduce that by $13.50 just to be a cunt to show you they work at the government.

Pus I was just blogging about that.

They increase the amount that you can take home and they just can't leave that shit alone with the original $300 and they cut that by $13.50 just to show that they run it and they fucking hate you.  

So it's not enough to get the increase they have to cut the original amount by $13.50 just to be a prick, like some kind of shoe smeller or something. 

Yeah they'll give you the increase but you have to let them smell the inside of your sneakers first. 


Then all this stuff starts in magical October, with the new bus pass and then they let you keep more wages.  So watch out because there's some new piece of crap government system coming in in October.

Yeah, where is that $200 a month check increase to the basic personal amount then fat fuck?  Is that in October or is everyone in there getting arrested for stealing that $13.50 of everyone's $300 original allowance perverts.


This is an update to my trip downtown today on the bus. I went to Scotiasquare and had a Seriously Chicken at the McDonald's Kiosk.

Then on the way home I picked up a deodorant stick, a pack a hair elastics, 100 Blank dvd's and a only came to $160.00 Canadian, yeah right.

Yeah, anyway I know that no one has any money and prices are super exaggerated but when I went downtown to Gottingen St today at the slums all the drug dealers had all kinds of money during the financial crisis.

So you go down to the slums and all the junkies and drug addicts start staring at you and then no one has money for blank cds or anything or deodorant then all the junkie drug dealers on Gottingen St, they have all kinds of money.

Yeah, during the economic crisis drug dealers have all kinds of illegally earned money just go down and look, they all have fancy cars and iphones and shit from selling drugs and regular people don't have anything.

Those people should be run out of the City, doesn't that make you mad. They should make it a more severe sentence to be dealing drugs during an economic crisis because it's not fair to regular people who can't afford cable and then all the drug dealers have all this fancy crap.

You all suck.

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