Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Science: Space X Announces New Astronaut "Taxi".

Astronauts "Fly To Outer Space" in a Taxi Now
A private company is saying that they have made a taxi for NASA astronauts and they are going to fly them to the space station, is reporting on the story.

Now they are saying at that NASA is using a "private company" to pick NASA astronauts up in a taxi and drop them off at the international space station like some kind of "astro uber" taxi service to outer space. 

Yeah, astronauts go to outer space in a taxi now...yea ok there, and this has replaced what the Space Shuttle? I don't know anything I'm reading on there.

Now private companies are running the Space Program in the United States with NASA, well the Space Command a private books space ships are way better than the Space X ships, we'll see what has to say about that in the future when my full books come out because they are way better than Space X.


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