Friday, August 3, 2018

Trench Coat Mafia: Is This The End Of The Trench Coat Mafia in Atlantic Canada

Is This The End of the Local Trench Coat Mafia
Don't worry everyone, if the Trench Coat Mafia is over in Atlantic Canada the Valley Girl Mystery Solvers will be back later in a new adventure. They are currently on vacation due to other projects, you can read their adventures in earlier posts on this blog.

Rumor is that the Trench Coat Mafia are  currently going in on a "all or nothing" Music Video Production to get on MTV. 

This "last ditch effort" will either make or break the Trench Coat Mafia locally and launch them in MTV Heavy Metal or leave them bankrupt. Costs of the video are expected to approach $100,000 which is what they will need to get the MTV spot.

No one will even look at the video it is has no $100,000 budget at MTV. Remember, MTV needs you to have a professional videographer , professional sets that at minimum resemble Lady Gaga, Professional Location, Lighting,  Wardrobe, Professional Make Up Artist, Script Writers, Editors, pre and post production editors, special effects experts, production staff trailer and food cart.

Anything cheap like some crappy fake blood or something and your video is rejected and scrapped, I guarantee that you will need a $100,000 video production in Atlantic Canada to go from Zero (you) to MTV Heavy Metal. 

Not too mention you might want to make a song without ten different drum kits patched together in it on the recording and get rid of the droning noise and dragging noise all over your song.

This is it folks, I heard they are "betting the farm" to get on MTV. This will probably be their end.

Good luck pricks, no chance you will ever even come close to pulling this off.



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