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NEW! The Brand New Free Television "Hack" is out to get Free TV and it's Legal

New Free Satellite TV "Hack"
I'm not pulling your leg here with a scam or anything - all you have to do to pay me back is visit and read and hopefully support my book page, then tell your friends about it that's it. Then tell them the guy who writes Space Command (me) has a blog where they tell you all this great stuff on how to save money. 

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When I tell you about the new television satellite dish hack for any provider including Direct TV, Dishnetwork , Express Vu and all Digital Cable this is not a scam or illegal. 

New free technology makes it possible to share your television signal with anyone anywhere in the world over the internet for free, almost - all you need is a website with unlimited bandwidth and lots of webspace.

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Just remember, tell them Space Command I mean Jason MacKenzie sent you when you credit this source of finding this information out.  

This new free legal tv "hack" is the equivalent of satellite dish card programming , fta or "free to air" satellite dish programming and also works on digital cable.

This works on ANY television provider 100% guaranteed. 

This is how it works. 

To share your television signal with other people you need a website and domain name. 

Like this, go to a web provider and get a decent size web package with a lot of hard drive space and unlimited bandwidth - this allows unlimited watchers on the internet of your television signal.

The amount of people that can view your home television stream depends on your website bandwidth, so get unlimited.

You need to register a domain name, I would get something generic like examples:, , , or 

That way it is just a generic website name using the newer alternate domain name extensions like .fun  , for example you could get , or  (I don't know if these are taken) so you can get a real address with an alternate domain extension, like that you can send to your friends.

Now it's best to buy an actual domain name because everything works better on a regular webpage.

So you get the web address and then the website with unlimited bandwidth which allows unlimited watchers on your tv signal.

This is the point to this, this works off the internet television app. 

What you are doing is you are capturing your tv signal off your television and sending it to your tv app on your webpage, then you can watch your television on any computer in the house free off your own website.

Lets say you have one tv signal in the house and then four computers. 

You make a website and get unlimited bandwidth to allow for unlimited users.

Then you are streaming your direct tv signal to the four computers in your house free.

So, when you get satellite or digital cable like direct tv then you can stream that to all the computers in your house on your own website.

So, when you are in the bedroom you can watch your direct tv signal on your computer coming out of you cable tv or satellite box on unlimited computers.

Now, I don't have software examples but I know this is not that hard.

Then after you stream your tv signal to the computers in your house you can give the url to your friends and then they can watch your tv signal for free at their house with unlimited users.

So if you give all your friends the website address which you would probably keep secret, then they can all watch your tv signal for free over the internet.

So you send me your webpage address and then when I go to the website I can watch your direct tv signal anywhere in the world legally on the internet because your webpage is private property and its a private url to watch the signal.

Like this.

The television station sends the tv signal for their channel to their tv app on the internet on their webpage , then anyone can log on and watch it because they have unlimited bandwidth.

You at home, can connect your television to your own website right off the television and transmit it to your own tv app on your own website using the tv app technology.

Meaning, you take your tv signal and send it to your computer and then broadcast it over a private url to your friends or within your house over the internet with the webpage tv app.

Then anyone you share it with can watch your television channels free on the internet on their computers.

This is super easy but there is only one draw back.

The "regular user" can only broadcast ONE channel at a time.  So for a pay per view event like Wrestlemania if you buy the pay per view you can legally broadcast it to your own website, then share the secret url with like to with your friends and when they go to the webpage it is the television app screen and they click "play" and it plays your tv stream of wrestlemania to them at their house, free.  

Like this, that's the same as going to and watching their free stream on public broadcasting on their tv app.

You are making a free version of Wrestlemania, with the tv app on your private webpage. Then when someone goes to it it plays wrestlemania from your house to theirs on the internet through the web page tv app on your site.

So it is a "web page capture" of your home television signal on you own webpage and streams to outside users off your webpage on the tv app.

Regular users can only do one stream at a time, and then you share this with your friends and family and is legal. This is good for pay per views, movies and sports events. 

Meaning you can broadcast the Superbowl  live on your webpage with a tv app off your television if you watch the Superbowl. 

So when you watch the Superbowl you broadcast it on your web page and then all your friends and other people can watch it in your house on any computer off your website.

This is the point a "regular" user can only do one stream of one channel at a time, so their webpage just has one video player like on Youtube that shows only one channel or pay per view. 

When you click on the video player button it says "Live" in the video player box on the webpage meaning it's "Live" off your television, or a "live stream" off your television.

What this means that as you watch the show it is recorded and then broadcast "live" on your website with maybe a 1 second delay between your television and internet broadcast of your tv signal.

The second user is the "super user" they had to get all channels to play at once off their television, so they would plug their television into the computer and watch every channel all at once on little boxes.

That already exists but I don't know what it's called specifically.

Then they transmit the small boxes of every channel to the webpage and when someone goes to the webpage they see the full tv menu.

Then they can play each channel individually off the boxes.

That is HULU and Youtube Television.

So first , you have to get all your television channels to play on your computer screen if you are a "super user" .

If you are a "regular user" you just need one channel to play on your computer off the television. 

The television channel has to be playing on your computer for people to watch your private stream, on your webpage.

Private tv streams on the internet are legal, if someone is sharing them with you on a secret url. Like from your friends house because no one can see it but you and them.

The television company can not pick this up that your are doing this and it is undetectable. 

That is because your users are watching your webpage, and it's your ip address and bandwidth not the cable company so they can't detect it.

You users are watching your transmission of your television signal, NOT the television companies on a private url that you own. 

A "regular" user is the CBC with their television app that plays one channel on their webpage.

A "super user" is HULU or Youtube television that plays all television channels on their webpage.

To broadcast your tv signal at home on a private stream on your own website you need a setup like the CBC public broadcasting or HULU.

The CBC version would be one video player box with one channel on your private webpage like

The HULU version would be multiple video boxes on your webpage like a bunch of Youtube video player boxes, each on when you click on it would say "live" meaning its a live stream of the tv signal at your house playing on your webpage.

This is super easy, for one channel.

However, people will go in on this together and each broadcast one channel from their house separately, and all send them to one private webpage.

Then the multiple tv signal windows on the webpage are all coming from different people's houses  to make a full menu on the screen.

So, they get a webpage and all share it and then each broadcast one channel into the website on the tv app and then they can all watch each others shows anywhere in the world.

The other larger menu would be a HULU setup with full package.

This works the same as the "Live TV Internet News Broad Cast" and is in HIGH DEFINITION.

So a live newscast from outside on the internet on their tv station is broadcast on a webpage on the tv app, that is the same setup EXCEPT you are showing your high definition tv signal on the private stream on your tv app broadcast from home.

Super easy....

Take your digital cable box, direct tv, dishnet work or express vu or right off the television and then plug the the HDMI Cable into your computer to record the television shows on your computer.

So you get your tv signal to play on your computer  through the HDMI Cable or whatever works to record shows on the computer off the television, in High Definition.

Then it plays on your computer, then as it saves on your hard drive it sends YOUR FILE to your webpage on the internet and then it transmits the file you made of the tv show over your webpage with a slight delay.

So as your computer records the tv signal, it saves it....then it sends it to your webpage and plays it on the site. Then all your friends can watch it as it records on your computer over the internet on the live tv app.

That is the same as live television on the internet.

That is undetectable because it is your file on the internet that you saved off the television

If you wanted to setup HULU at home for your friends to watch at their houses on your private tv stream then your HDMI cable off your television or cable box would have to play all channels at once, record them and then send them all to your website as secondary live streams each with their own video player box.

That is exactly like HULU or Youtube TV, I don't know if that is possible on one computer or not but that is how it works.

So you record Wrestlemania live on your computer off the HDMI Cable, then the recording plays one sec later or less as it records live on your website tv app. 

Then you give your friends, your secret url like, and they can go to your webpage and watch the private tv stream you are recording as is records it off the television, saves it and plays it live on your webpage all at once just like live television on a major networks tv app and is the same technology.

Remember, unlimited bandwidth allows unlimited users to all play your saved tv file all at once off your webpage with a probably less than one second delay as your saved file of the tv program records on your computer.

This is totally legal as a private stream on your webpage and undetectable as it is a stream of your saved file, as it records off the television just like live tv.

That is the new free tv method on the internet and also works on all phone and hand held devices.


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