Saturday, August 25, 2018

CHL Hockey: The 2019 Memorial Cup Is In Halifax!

The 2019 CHL Memorial Cup is in Halifax!
That's right everyone, hold on to your hats because this year the CHL Championship Tournament is in Halifax at the Scotiabank Center!

That is the Memorial Cup People, that's the future NHL Stars! 

That's the NHL minor league Championship Live in Halifax in 2019!

I guarantee this will be a big draw in Halifax next year, get your Halifax Mooseheads Season Ticket Pass for $500 and get first chance tickets to the 2019 Memorial Cup.

Halifax Mooseheads to host the CHL Memorial Cup 2019:

Remember the Halifax Mooseheads are the CHL, that is the NHL Minor League. If you are an NHL fan you should be going there.

The CHL is Three Leagues The WHL, The OHL and The QMJHL.

Halifax is in the QMJHL, that is the Quebec League, like the Montreal Canadians in the NHL.

So The CHL Halifax Team is the Mooseheads, that is like the Minor League NHL of the Montreal Canadians.

I realize people don't understand the CHL, so I have to keep telling everyone I know so you understand. 

If you like the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadian you need to be going to the CHL Halifax Mooseheads games, that's almost the NHL and is part of the Quebec League like the Montreal Canadians or something.

Who knows maybe Guy Lafleur or Bobby Orr will be  there. 

NHL fans need to go to this, hopefully the 2019 CHL Memorial Cup will not sell out in two minutes in Halifax, plus that is on live television.

The 2019 CHL Memorial Cup in Halifax is going to be Super Awesome!


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