Thursday, August 9, 2018

History: Why The Berlin Wall Was Racist

Nazi Germany
I was just thinking recently about how The United States of America in Washington D.C and Russia after World War Two split Germany in half and put in the Berlin Wall.

That wall was there for like over 40 years. Can you imagine one half of your city was in United States Controlled Germany in Europe and the other half of your city was in Communist Russia in Berlin? Just terrible.

Then they split the Country in half into East and West Germany, one Americanized Europe and the other Russian.

I'm not talking about the death camps or nothing or what the Nazi's did, everyone knows it's terrible, but the United States and Russia splitting up Germany and putting in the Berlin Wall is Racist.

After thinking about this for a while I have come to the conclusion that the Berlin Wall in Berlin Germany was racist against Europeans by the United States and Russia. Awful.

Today this is why Canada, Europe and Australia / New Zealand need to make new trade unions outside the United States with Asia separate from the United States.

It's because of the racist Berlin Wall, then all their deals are terrible to the rest of us just like the Berlin Wall was, that's why we need our own economic deals separate form them in the rest of the world so we can have our own stable economy in a non United States Union.

I'm not saying Russia specifically today because they are a different country now and are a Federation and may still want to be an Economic partner since they are no longer Communist. Unlike the United States which remains the same, and they have not apologized yet for the racist Berlin Wall.

Before World War Two their was a Third Global Superpower in Europe in what became Nazi Germany.

Now forget they were Nazi's, and then just let's say it was Germany and European.

The old superpower in Europe was Germany and it's allies and was also called Nazi Germany at it's height of power.

Today, those people live in Canada, Europe still and Australia and New Zealand, but back then our people all came from Europe in and around Germany, the old third superpower.

Remember, that does not include the United States of America because they left the Union with Europe and Canada as well as Australia and New Zealand in 1776 why they abolished the British Monarchy.

Today, we don't have that Union anymore because Germany as a superpower is gone. So we no longer have our separate economic zone in Europe, that became Nazi Germany.

That super power was crushed by the United States and Russia in 1945.

Since then we have not had our own separate location outside of United States influence for our economy and culture.

That because they removed it.

The United States removed those countries which are regular Europeans who became the Nazi's.

Why the Berlin Wall is racist is because it was put their to remove the Nazi's from coming back.

At the end of World War Two the United States split Germany in half and put in the racist Berlin Wall and the The United States and Russia sat on Germany and Berlin the Capital for like 45 years to prevent the Europeans from having their own economic zone and superpower. 

They did that when it was split to stop the Nazi's from coming back.

That's why it is racist, against regular European citizens.

The United States has no monarchy and Russia was Communist. They don't know anything about Europeans, Canadians, Australia and New Zealand because we all have royalty in our Countries.

So they came here, and sat on Germany for 45 years and never let us regroup as the regular third superpower in Europe because of Adolf Hitler.

Today, I disagree with the splitting of Germany in 1945 by the United States because it is racist to Europeans and the Berlin wall is a disgrace and totally racist to one city, disgusting.

The Berlin Wall was put there to prevent the Nazi's from reforming and talking the Capital is was I determined in my research is why they must have done it.

Totally racist.

Then the Nazi's or regular Europeans were never allowed to regroup and make their own superpower again so our old economic zone is gone.

It was Germany they split but I mean the Nazi people were from all over Europe that's who I mean. They are the people in the other Countries.

The other people in Europe also worked with Germany all over Europe in what became the Nazi's.

Those are also regular Europeans, that's who the Berlin wall blocked. 

That's why they split Germany in half and sat on them for 45 years, to block regular Europeans in Europe from reforming a superpower with Germany in the other Countries.

To me, that is racist. The Berlin Wall is the most racist thing I have ever head of to regular Europeans.

That's why Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand  needs to form it's own separate trade unions with each other and Asia outside this "retarded" mentality of the United States with their "crazy walls" in Germany to stop regular Europeans from regrouping. 

We really need to dump this United States Government mentality against Europeans so we can earn our own money in a new Global Trade Zone without them.

The Berlin wall formed by the United States to stop Europeans from regrouping with Germany for 45 years is totally racist and we need to dump those people in Washington D.C. making that garbage and form our own separate trade unions with Asia.  


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