Saturday, August 25, 2018

NFL Preseason Week 4 & Sports Update

NFL Preseason Week 4 - First Down and Awesome!
That's right everyone get your tickets ready it's the NFL pre season week 4 of 5, available on all internet devices. I've been watching the NFL pre season this year and I can guarantee that this season which starts September 6, 2018 will make a 32 yard punt return look like a 33 yard punt return!

I've already got count em 4 huge weeks of NFL football in this year and next week is week 5, then it's the regular season and only 17 shorts weeks of NFL Super Action.

Get your NFL Gamepass today! Remember we are in week 4 of 5 and you can watch all games live on the internet.

Not only that, this is my favorite time of year. Not only is it pre season NFL this is leading us into September Baseball the greatest time of the year and a Red Sox vs. Yankees showdown in September for the AL East Division with the Yankees about 8 Games back of the Red Sox as they head into the September showdown for the for the Division and Wildcard Playoff spots.

Remember, the Wild Card winner will have to play a one game playoff for the last World Series slot, will it be New York or Boston and who will be eliminated? 

Will the Red Sox blow their lead and then lose the Wild Card game and not make the World Series? Let's hope so. 

Not only that today is a full day of Sports with a New York vs. Baltimore DOUBLE HEADER and between games is NFL preseason Football.

As everyone probably knows I am a huge baseball fan, in between Yankees games today Titans vs. Steelers NFL preseason Football game.

Too exciting sports fans, this is why you need every sports full game package. 

Not only that the Baltimore Orioles have THE WORST record probably every that I have noticed recently at a stunning 92 losses ouch, with only 37 wins . Just sickening Baltimore.

Not only that here comes the NHL 2018 - 2019 Season as the Defending Stanley Cup Champions The Washington Capital's return to defend the Cup. Too Awesome.

Eat it suckers, I am addicted to Full Sports Packages!


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