Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Did You Know Walt Disney Did An X-Rated Film?

Dead Pool Is X Rated
Before I get into Walt Disney's Dead Pool movie I just want to say that yes this blog might have  adult oriented material on in and stuff like that but I'm trying to keep it somewhat clean, the point is I'm not selling Mickey Mouse stuff on here, so I post all kinds of material and include some content from adult movies and stuff for this blog. 

So I'm not against gore movies and violence or sexual content, I'm just saying that X-Rated sexual content shouldn't be in a Walt Disney movie like in the Dead Pool Movies. I have no problem with R rated gore movies with naked girls all through them and I might post that kind of stuff here but don't take any of that seriously or anything plus my material is not Walt Disney. 

Just don't think I am against that kind of stuff, I just don't think it should be in Marvel or Walt Disney. I mean, if you want to watch stuff about crossdressing, masturbation, homosexuality, sexual role reversal and naked porn stars that's fine but when you put on a Marvel Comics Movie you don't expect to see that. 

I just wanted to see Spider Man running around kissing Mary Jane and beating up the Green Goblin, I didn't expect to see men's penises and porn star strip clubs. 

People on the internet are already saying that is this a Disney or Fox Movie and are down playing Dead Pool as Disney. Well apparently Disney owns Fox now and stuff like the Simpsons. People are saying on the internet that that might be a Fox Movie.

It isn't, Marvel Comics is owned by Disney so it's a Disney Movie.

Then it's supposed to be like the first or one of the first R rated Disney moves, but it's not it's X Rated.

If you like Comics just before you see these movies you need to know that they are X Rated, for gods sakes don't show that to your kids because you think it's a Comic Movie.  You need to know that this movie is X Rated and you're not going to see the Amazing Spider Man.

Dead Pool is a character like Spider Man only he has no webs and his body grows back if he gets blown up or something, so if he gets his arm cut off it grows back. 

He is like a derivative character of Spider Man, Venom or Spawn or something like that and is similar to Spider Man except he has guns and weapons and no webs.

The character Dead Pool was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the Wolverine back story when he was in the Military. Later after he is Dead Pool they try and get him into the X-Men.

In the Movie Dead Pool is kind of one of the X-Men only he can't follow the rules and they are trying to get him to behave and be a super hero, then he just does everything his own way by just going around killing everyone and not listening to them.

It's not that I don't like the character I did it's just that the whole movie is all sexual fetishes and made by Disney. Plus whoever wrote Dead Pool did too good of a job because he has classic schizophrenia.

When you watch Dead Pool the whole thing is about someone with schizophrenia then the X-Men are trying to help him but he won't listen.

All the behavior by Dead Pool is profiled from schizophrenia that's why he's acting that way, then the X-Men act as a help facility but he won't listen.

So Dead Pool acts schizophrenic in the movie and it's profiled from real schizophrenia, when he says stuff like "did I leave the stove on" when he is out fighting that is schizophrenia. That is because he is not thinking about what he is doing in the fight and he starts thinking about the stove, then he starts worrying about it. That is schizophrenia. 

It's like when you try and go outside you have to keep coming back to check to see if the door is locked ten times, that is schizophrenia. Then you don't realize you are doing that but going back makes you feel better so you keep doing it. The actual problem is you have an illness, and that behavior is not you fault.

Since this has come up in these Disney movies I'm bringing up that schizophrenia is a huge cause these days in the health community and many people go untreated. Most people who have schizophrenia are totally normal all the time but you can get these crazy attacks and don't understand what's happening or you start carrying out unusual behavior or become obsessive compulsive over the stove and stuff like in Dead Pool, then you can't concentrate because you're minds always wandering. 

That is the whole character of Dead Pool. This is how schizophrenia as an illness is treated, schizophrenia is like a broken leg only you can't see it, it is a physical problem. 

What that means is when you are sick with schizophrenia and get treated you don't know how long it will take to heal. Everyone knows how long it takes to heal from a broken leg, but schizophrenia is not the same because you can't see it. 

Everyone takes different lengths to heal from schizophrenia when they are treated, that's the hard part. You just can't get up in a couple months and keep going like you have a broken leg. It may take a long time to heal from schizophrenia then when you do you will calm down and start acting normal again.

Schizophrenia however, like a broken leg is physical only you have mental side effects because it takes place in you brain and you can't see it. 

This is how schizophrenia works, in your brain their are path ways like roads or highways that your thought's "travel" along, some people call this neurons. 

When you have schizophrenia the path ways are crossing over and touching each other like your brain is wired incorrectly. 

That is because in your brain there is like a "wall" between the pathways where you think. What happens is this wall develops a physical hole in it and the path ways touch each other and become cross connected.

What happens then is that your thoughts in your head cross connect and you mix your topics together, like when Dead Pool starts thinking about the stove when he is fighting. That is a real schizophrenic profile.

In you brain what is happening is your thoughts are cross connecting like the "wire covering" has been removed from the brains pathways that are like "roads" or "highways" that cars would travel on only they are thoughts in your head. 

When the wire becomes stripped all the "cars" which are your thoughts in your head hit each other and get mixed up and then you don't know you are not thinking properly and you get all these crazy ideas. 

That is not your fault, it is a physical problem like a broken leg only you don't know how long it will take to heal because you can't see it, you have to go by you thoughts and feelings clearing up to know you are better, plus you may have physical symptoms like being tired and stuff.

When you have a schizophrenic attack you might think it's a good idea to get dressed up in your fetish clothes and go downtown looking for sex and then when you're down there you might decide it would be a good idea to go on drugs.

People do that when they have a schizophrenic attack because they are not thinking normally, or like that time you got drunk and went down to that girl's house and started yelling because you wanted her to go out with you and made this big scene in front of everyone saying you were in love with her and she won't talk to you. So, although you liked her when you tried to go out with her you weren't doing it in the correct fashion.

The holes in the pathway in your brain are missing SSRI's, when your brain is missing SSRI's "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors". What this means is there is a hole in your brain where the "Reuptake Inhibitor" is missing. 

People get confused about that name, the inhibitor "blocks" your thoughts from cross connecting in your brain. That means your brain is missing inhibitors that stop your thoughts from cross connecting.

When they say "reuptake inhibitor" they mean that serotonin is "reprocessing" or "reuptaking" in your brain and cross connecting your thoughts.

Taking SSRI medication rebuilds this natural wall that is missing on your brain pathways to keep them sealed so your thoughts don't cross connect. When you take this medicine it is to replace the SSRI's that are naturally missing from your brain to clear up your thinking and make you brain pathways go back to normal.      

That is the character of Dead Pool. 

In the movie he is cross dressing and wearing girls socks and stuff, then he goes down to an X rated strip club and all the girls are almost full naked from a porn movie, that is X Rated.

Then he meets a girl working there and then they re-enact scenes from porn movies in a Disney movie. So in the movie the sex scenes are copied from porn movies and done in the film, then the girl from the strip club does him in the ass with a strap on penis like in a porn movie, then he's cross dressing the whole time.

Then there are references to two of the female X-Men being lesbians and are a couple in the movie, then Dead Pool starts making lesbian gestures with his hand and then homosexual gestures with his hands and says he wants to cross penises with Colossus and then rub them together then he gets on his knees and begins pretending to give oral sex to Colossus and pretends to masturbate him. 

Then he starts hallucinating and seeing cartoon character's around his girlfriends head when they are fighting. That is all schizophrenic behavior.  

The point here is you don't know if he's gay or just joking, it comes across more that he is joking but you can't tell. Then the movie is all male butt and crotch shots and I think you can see Dead Pools penis in one scene like in Basic Instinct and he might have an erection.

Then in one scene he is in bed masturbating with a children's stuffed unicorn or something, which I thought went a little too far for a Walt Disney movie. 

The all the Comic Book characters and cursing the whole movie and they even pulled down Juggernauts pants and stuff something up his ass.

That is all mixed together from both Dead Pool movies but the first one is worse for being X-rated. I guarantee that kids will not know one thing they are talking about in this Disney movie because it's all X Rated Material.

Then it's all shots of Triple X boobs and naked porn girls and men's naked crotch shots when they are fighting. One of the girl villains boobs even falls out when they are fighting and Colossus has to help her fix it in the middle of the fight. 

These movies are totally X Rated from Walt Disney. 

I would give the movie two thumbs up for the character and story line of Dead Pool which is super good, however some of the sarcastic dialogue gets annoying at times and it feels like Walt Disney is trying to touch your penis.


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