Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Halifax Government Update ***Updated***

Just a quick up on local services:

New Halifax non-sharable photo id bus passes are out, the bus service looks pretty vacant and they are changing bus routes so check your schedule.

Food prices and local expenses are up so you might want to the hit the Dollarama and discount stores, rent prices just went up again due to high expenses like heat and maintenance fees and the Halifax power plant is leaking an oil spill into the Harbour.

Weather looks great and it's super nice out and quiet like at the beach all over the City.

So, bus service passengers looks decreased, some routes have been changed, new non sharable bus passes are out for check recipients, food and rent prices are up and average income is down about 30% in the City I am hearing with no increase in Checks or Wages.

Basically, I am hearing from people is what you had last year will cost you 30% more money now, meaning if you want to have more money you may need to move to a cheaper apartment or cancel your cable television.

What that means is if you are on a check or small income you probably can't afford to live in the same apartment anymore and will have to move to a smaller apartment if you want to have cable or extra food etc.

The cost of living in Nova Scotia went up so high that if you want to have cable television and the same food money you will have to move to a smaller apartment because everything is up overall like 30% for average expenses for "regular" people.

Other people are keeping the larger apartments and then cancelling their cable. 

So to have a nicer apartment, you need to ditch cable television so you can afford your rent increases and grocery money, or if you want to keep your cable television you will need to move to a smaller apartment.

No sign yet of the $200 per month check increases from the Nova Scotia Government.

Great weather though, so it's super nice for hanging around outside in the park with nothing to do, just don't expect to have any entertainment money because of the costs of living increases from government and businesses.



Right, so here is the basic break down of what is happening with the money for basic welfare since people don't know or understand it.

First what you need to know is that businesses and government services are asking now for 130% of your 100% monthly income with no left over money.

What you should have covered first out of you money is things like food and clothes before you have to start cutting monthly expenses, make sure you have your necessities covered during the outage.

So, if your monthly bills were $1000 they are now $1300. Meaning you can't afford things like eating out at restaurants and digital cable. That $300 would be something like your cable bill. This outage is like a camp out kind of so make sure in the winter you have a good winter jacket and boots, mitts etc. because when you're broke with no entertainment you're going to want to be warm.

People want to know about basic assistance, aka welfare.

Well they give you last I heard $300 for rent and about $200 a month. So the $300 is for a bachelor apartment or small one bedroom apartment with everything included, if your bachelor apartment or one bedroom apartment went up from $300 you will have to move to a cheaper $300 apartment because the welfare won't cover it.

So you get a bit over $200 a month on top of that for "expenses". Meaning that's about $50 a week for food and they don't cover clothes.

What that means is that was low anyway now food prices and rent has increased so your $200 for basic assistance no longer covers the same $50 a week food budget for welfare or disability.

You have to buy less food with that money now.

What that means is the welfare doesn't cover clothes in your monthly budget. If you go ask them they will tell you to buy rags at the Salvation Army, but no one does that. My advice is to still get regular decent clothes if you are on basic assistance.

The point there is I don't know what the Government thinks $200 a month is but they only allow to have food, then they won't pay for your clothes.

If you want to have decent clothes you have to take that out of your food budget.

Then you're not given money for anything else either like cable, phone or internet. This small guide will help you cope with basic assistance, disability or small wages like fast food or mall jobs.

However they do cover glasses, dental and prescriptions so that is potentially a lot of money you will be in by being on basic assistance.

When you go to get dental work done they want you to pay 20% of the bill out of your $200. If you need a root canal and a filling then that will be $200 that they want right away at the dentist office.

So they give you the $200 then they want it back at the dentist office on a $1000 bill for dental work, obviously you don't have that money so they have to do it for free so that part of the system has failed.

You don't have to pay the 20% if you are on a check that is everyone on them because you will have no food that month. Now I'm talking that the money is so low that $20 can break your budget if you need dental work or an emergency happens. So right now $20 is a lot of money, if your dental work is $20 out of your pocket you can't afford it on basic assistance.

That $20 could have been food or clothes that are necessities.

How the cost of living went up is they put "price points" on all the store items through taxation and price increases now overall when you buy all your stuff the price is 30% higher across the board. It's not $2 on candy, it's $2 on candy plus all other items.

Meaning, when you get your groceries there is 30% less food in your cart for the same money or your rent will be short.

So you buy a movie ticket, $20 worth of gas, have a taco bell, buy a pack  of smokes, get a scratch ticket, get a shirt at the mall and pick up a pizza it costs you 30% more now over all. You will feel that at the end of the month now when you do your bills.

No one can afford that now because of the cost of living increase puts that at 130% of your 100% monthly income I am hearing.

If you buy floor soap, shampoo, razors, soap, dish soap, toilet paper, tampons etc. none of that is now covered on your basic assistance allowance of $200 or so.

Canada made the Canadian Food Guide for your diet and what they did was increase prices so high that they no longer cover the four main food groups on disability or basic assistance.

The $50 a week on basic assistance is not enough to cover the basic food groups to eat and Canada no longer covers cleaning supplies or hygiene supplies which have to come out of your food money.

That is because the prices went up so high with no check or wage increases, now in Canada you can't afford the four basic food groups in Canada's own food guide if you are on basic assistance or work at a low wage job.

Then you can not afford cable, phone, internet or clothes.

Then they triple bill for internet, and then double check you at the welfare office.

Social Work should be illegal, they give you $200 a month which doesn't even cover the basic four food groups then they prod into you about what your buying with it.

When you go to get welfare you shouldn't have to tell them anything plus it is too low and they don't cover anything. You should go in and get your rubber stamp and then collect your check with no questions, then they ask you for your financial information at their office which is the same as the income tax filing.

That should be illegal, they won't cover any expenses on assistance then they pay people there to double check your tax return, that is Equifax.

The Government only backs the Equifax People.

That is the credit system, the Federal Government only backs the Equifax Group who tell them their financial rules for the credit system and then they don't cover the four main Food Groups, or you don't get the proper servings like in the Canada Food Guide.

Meaning, the Canada Food Guide is only for people who work and back the Equifax Group and use the credit system. They are the only people who can eat the portions in the Canada food guide and the Federal Government does not cover that for any check recipient in Canada.

Meaning clothes, cleaning and hygiene supplies and the four food groups only apply to the Equifax Group and the Equifax People which is the only group backed by the Federal Government of Canada.

Everyone else gets nothing covered except about $50 a week for food which is not enough.

So that's basic assistance.

During the outage I recommend getting your straw hat and tin cup and sitting out on the step because you're going to have a lot of time on your hands with no money.

This is what I recommend.

Always save money and buy proper clothes first for the Summer and Winter, you'll be better off in decent clothes.

Then always make sure you have food for whatever you can afford.

Cover your food first! However, make sure you have proper clothes.

Then I would recommend getting a decent apartment with everything covered first and ditching your cable bill which is about $200 a month.

Then get good clothes and food only.

Then do this, save up for a cheap computer and smart phone and get cheap internet. That way you can make free phone calls and then watch anything that comes on in the internet for free instead of paying like music, movies and books etc. Then maybe go to the library if you are bored.

That way if you save up for a computer and smartphone and then get some clothes, you can pay for cheap internet and use the rest of the money for your food budget, but some months you will have less money for food if you have to buy supplies for cleaning, hygiene and clothes.

Always make sure you have a proper hat, boots, mittens and jacket in the winter because you will have a much easier time during the outage in the winter in proper winter clothes.

Then you will have all your clothes, computer and smart phone then use cheap internet to make free calls and use free entertainment or go to the library.

Just make sure you eat the best you can since all the Food Groups are no longer covered.

Another thing you can do is if you have a group of friends in an apartment building you can all share your internet connection by using a high speed router from one apartment and then give your friends guest access to your router so there is no illegal activity on your account.

You can even just do this with your neighbours in you building, and set up a group that just shares internet, or you all split a few dollars a month on it. The guest access on the router is secure for the neighbour and they have their own login, or you can stream them television to save money.

Apartment buildings could also offer free internet to the building like at the mall or library. Since rent went up apartments need to start offering free wifi to get tenants that can't afford internet. Then you can use you phone and computer free with your rent and then watch whatever comes in free on the internet or listen to music.

Then try and camp out for a long wait until you have money. If you smoke or drink you will have to take that out of your grocery money.

Since everything is up over 30% and the Equifax Group won't release the 4G internet for free service or lower food prices and the Federal Government only backs Equifax People you will have to do what you can to save money during this outage and use only cheap or free services.

Everyone with nothing to do and no cable or anything and is out smoking and going to the library and stuff are right, the Federal Government won't back them because they are not Equifax Supporters.

In the meantime when you have no money and they are asking for 130% of your monthly income from the Equifax Group and the Federal Government you will have to make cuts to your expenses those are things you can do to have basic food and entertainment.

On the news all they talk about is auto tariffs but in reality the Government won't cover the four basic food groups for check recipients or probably low wages so no one cares.

No one cares about auto tariffs when no one can afford the four basic food groups and they are reserved for the Equifax People.

If you are wondering I have no car and use Public Transit so I use my money for the NFL and Sports Packages and use free wi fi phone to save money, that's how I can watch all that. So these are things that I do anyway and you can to during the outage.


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