Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Local: Oil Spill In Halifax Harbour

Halifax Power Plant: Photo by the Halifax Examiner
Oil Spill in Halifax Harbour

Chris Benjamin is reporting from the local Halifax Examiner, he is a journalist and writer and editor of books and the Managing Editor of Atlantic Books Today Magazine. 


Jennifer Henderson is also reporting.


Apparently there is an oil leak at the Halifax Harbour Power Plant and it is spilling oil into Halifax Harbour, watch out for oil when you're down on the waterfront fishing.

All those fish are probably contaminated with oil down there, also when you're out on your jet skis and sail boats make sure to watch out for that oil spill in the Harbour. I hear that bad's for your boat and can clog your engine, plus if your on the jet ski you might be getting oil in your mouth.

I also didn't realize that the power plant in Halifax at the Harbour was Oil Powered, I think that's what's leaking into the harbour. I just assumed they were still burning coal down there.

Hope that oil in the Harbour isn't flammable. I bet that's gross down there, how dirty do you think the oil is from the Halifax Power Plant anyway, I bet it's bad. 

So just a heads up when you're down there fishing in the Harbour I wouldn't eat it, probably anyway even with no oil on it from the power plant.


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