Thursday, August 16, 2018

Alert: Government Bedbug Irradication

The Bedbugs
I am calling for the irradiation of the bedbug and probably the fruit fly by the federal government.  This post is a public alert on the bedbug and the terrible fruit fly. 

I know most of you don't know what a bed bug is and I didn't either so this is some information to fill you in on the bed bug.

First don't listen to all that crap on the internet, I'll tell you where the bedbugs are at and what they are.

The bedbug outbreak is the fault of the Federal Government in the United States and Canada, they are not doing anything to irradiate the bedbug. Plus, not cleaning your house or apartment is not why you have bedbugs, they are there because the government won't do anything and it's their fault.

It is one of my goals in life to make the bedbug extinct, that along with the fruit fly. They are the two most terrible things that get into people houses.

This is the problem and why you have bedbugs.

The Federal Government is not spraying the to kill all the bedbugs. They should be out in airplanes spraying pesticide on everything to kill the bedbugs because the outbreak is so bad, but they are not.

Then, they should be out spraying all the trees, roads, sidewalks, parks etc. and the outside of public and government buildings with pesticide to kill all the bedbugs.

Right now I would like to see the government out on the road spraying all the roads,sidewalks, trees and parks with bedbug pesticide and then spraying pesticide from airplanes like a crop duster on everything to kill all the bed bugs.

They are not doing that, so it is their fault if you get bed bugs in your house or apartment.

If you live in an apartment they can come in it from any hole in you walls like air vents, wall plug sockets, heating vents, pipes and plumbing plus fruit flies are coming up people sinks.

That is because the federal government is not spraying pesticide. 

Everyone is calling for being sprayed with soothing pesticides on their skin because the burning chemicals of the pesticide will relieve their itching and kill all the bed bugs and fruit flies.

Everyone is saying that they would rather have pesticide in everything and have it burn their skin and get in their mouth  and food if it will relieve their itching and kill the bedbugs. Plus the pesticide is not poison to people and just kills bugs.

This is because the bedbugs come into your house and apartment if it is clean or not. Cleaning your house doesn't get rid of the bedbugs because the government is not spraying the air and trees and side walks etc. with pesticide. 

It doesn't matter if you clean or not they just keep coming back anyway from outside or other houses and apartments because the government won't spray them with pesticide outside.

Bedbugs will come in from the neighbors houses and live outside anyway. They will crawl outside from their house to your house and then they come in through the walls in the light sockets.

There are bedbug nests in the light sockets or "wall plugs" in your houses and apartments. Remove the face plates of your wall sockets to see if their are bedbugs in the wall sockets, their will be black crap inside the wall plug if their are bedbugs in the walls, then clean out the wall socket and face plate and then put it back.

This will help stop them from making a bedbug nest in the wall socket, that is coming from outside and other houses and apartments.

Don't feel bad or embarrassed if you have bedbugs because it's the governments fault because they wont pesticide spray them.

This is important!

Bedbugs are not caused by having a dirty house or apartment.

If you clean your house every day you will still get bedbugs because they are coming in from outside through the wall sockets and heating vents, like from the oil tank.

Clean your floors all the time and then spray Raid bug spray of any kind into the cracks in your floor and heating vents, spray Raid into your walls if you have access.

I wouldn't recommend spraying Raid into your light sockets.

Then if you can, wax the floor to seal tiny cracks in it that you cant see to help keep out bedbugs.

If you can scrub your floor and baseboards with a good cleaner like Mr.Clean at the floor and any heating vents then spray Raid into the baseboards and any "holes" like cable wires etc.

Then wash out all your wall sockets and face plates and then spray raid into the walls if you can.

Then if you can, then wax your floors up to the baseboards to seal them to prevent bedbugs from getting in the cracks.

This is because bedbugs are like Earwigs and you can't stop them from getting into your house or apartment. Remember earwigs? They are all gone where I live now but they used to be like the bedbugs now they are all dead.

All Bedbugs are going to be dead like the Earwig. 

Bedbugs are also like the Army Worm infestation that we had in the trees years ago when we had a caterpillar infestation in the trees here, now they are all dead.

A long time ago we had Earwigs and Army Worms outside, I think the Government Sprayed to kill all the Army Worms and now they are gone. The Bedbug is the new Earwig and Army Worm.

You can't stop the Bedbugs from getting into your house because the government won't spray them with pesticide.

All you can do it try to keep them out the best you can, but sometimes they "flare up".

In your bedroom wash all your bed rails and furniture on a regular basis and sweep and mop the floor all the time. Also, try and keep your bedroom furniture clean.

This does not prevent bedbugs but if the room is clean then they won't go to that area. The furniture and bed rails will be too clean for the bedbugs to be attracted to them.

Then wash your pillows, pillowcases, sheets and blankets on a regular basis just to keep them clean.

Wipe your mattress and maybe furniture off with a damp cloth on a regular basis to keep it clean.

That's because bedbugs are attracted to sweat and when it is hot they come after you like mosquitoes if you have sweaty blankets and pillows. 

Despite what the internet says, everyone outside says that Bedbugs and eating your skin cells on your sweaty blankets and mattress, plus they live in cotton.  

So as your skin cells fall off naturally, everyone's do, they get on your blankets and mattress and bed , then they are attracted to your sweat and come after you like a mosquito and bite you and drink your blood, then they blow up and stain you blankets and mattress.

When Bedbugs bite you when you are sleeping they fill up and explode like a mosquito and that's what gets on your mattress. 

The problem with Bedbugs is they stain your mattress and blankets from exploding, but they are like earwigs. 

So they try and make a nest in your bed in the cotton and are eating the sweat and skin cells in your blankets, then they bite you and explode.

You need to check you bed for bedbugs every ten minutes because they can come in the wall sockets like an Earwig gets in your foundation in your house.

I know someone who keeps their bedroom super clean and they even spray air freshener under the bed so bed bugs won't go under the bed.

Then they have no bedbugs in their apartment at all and one came in through the light socket and bit them in the neck when they were sleeping and gave them a rash. So they checked the light socket and they were in there hiding.

They had no other bedbugs in the house, then they came in through the light socket and bit them on the neck in one second like a mosquito.

This is super important - Bedbugs are NOT CAUSED by not cleaning your apartment. Bedbugs come in anyway.

The difference is IF you don't keep your apartment or house clean they will build up like ear wigs.

You have to clean every day so they don't make a nest, if you stop cleaning and get bedbugs they will make a nest. Not cleaning your house or apartment will cause a "build up" of Bedbugs because they keep coming in.

Right so not everyone has bed bugs but it is bad. That is fault of the government because they won't spray them and they are coming in from public land and trees and other houses from outside and the federal government won't spray.

Then then keep coming into your house through the light socket holes if your house is clean or not, like the Earwig.

Remember, if your house is not clean this doesn't cause Bedbugs!

Not cleaning allows them to build up and make a nest. 

If your house is not clean this can attract Fruit Flies in your kitchen, Bedbugs are attracted to sweat not dirt or garbage.

In Halifax their are Winter Fruit Flies that come up the sink drains and get in your garbage cans. That is like the Bedbugs.

A few years ago I never saw one fruit fly all Summer, then they showed up in the Fall. Then when their was a snow storm they came up the sink drain.

Where can a fruit fly come from anyway? Let alone in the middle of winter in a snow storm.

The fruit flies are coming up the sink drains in Winter and the Bedbugs are coming in the light sockets everywhere around here.

That is the Government's fault because they won't spray, when I get my way all Bedbugs and Fruit Flies will be exterminated and I am calling for the extinction of both of these species.

Being spraying with harsh pesticides by the Federal Government is a way better option than dealing with the Bedbugs, I am hearing that people can't wait to be sprayed with that soothing pesticide so they wont be itchy from Bedbugs.

Not only that, people are saying they are getting super sensitive to the Bedbugs and they are causing allergic reactions and itchy rashes even if house has no bed bugs. If you are getting itching burning skin you could have a sensitivity to the Bedbugs and be getting itching form them being in the light sockets, wall, other peoples houses or apartments, trees or outside.

If you have no Bedbugs in your house and are getting a rash or a burning itching for no reason especially in the heat in the Summer this could be coming from the Bedbugs outside and in the trees, or from wall sockets or lights sockets.

Your itching and rash might be coming from the light sockets or outside because the Bedbugs live like Earwigs. 

What you need on you is burning chemical pesticides to relieve your itching from the Bedbugs but the Government won't spray them.

Force the Government to spray for Bedbugs to relieve your itching! Plus get rid if those awful fruit flies coming up the sinks. 

So if you are itchy in your apartment or house that could be coming from anywhere, that is from the Bedbugs outside and in wall sockets.

Pesticide will fix that if the government sprays the Bedbugs.

Kill all the Bedbugs!!!

Demand this today, get rid of them like the Earwigs and Army Worms.

The Story of The Bedbugs

I thought that the Bedbugs were from the Black Plague in the Dark Ages and were wiped out and were some kind of myth in a children's book, then I found out they were real when the County got infested.  I didn't even know what they were back then. 

Everyone knows that in the United States and Canada that the Bedbugs came from the Empire State Building in New York City.

All the Bedbugs outside came from the Empire State Building.

Several years ago there were no Bedbugs, then they said on the news that they had to close the Empire State Building because it had the Bedbugs and they were spraying it.

Then ten minutes later the Bedbugs were all over the United State and Canada and infested my entire County in Nova Scotia. That's because they came from the Empire State Building.

I think that New York City is the "brain" or the "main hive" of the Bedbugs and they all came out of the Empire State Building.  

Bedbugs started in New York City, now they are everywhere that is because New York is the Bedbug hive of the United States and Canada. 

They need to spray all of New York City with harsh pesticides right away to kill the Bedbug hive, those harsh pesticides will relieve all their itching then they can go back to not cleaning their apartments if they don't feel like it.

You shouldn't have to clean your apartment or house every two minutes to keep out the Bedbugs when it's the Federal Government's fault they are there because they won't spray them with pesticide.

All of New York City needs to be sprayed with the Bedbug Pesticide in the trees, sidewalks, parks and all public and government buildings outside to kill the Bedbugs, then they need to spray from airplanes as well. 

All you are doing by cleaning your apartment all the time is just holding the Bedbugs back.

Spraying New York City will kill the main hive of the Bedbugs and they need to do this everywhere in the United States and Canada right away with harsh pesticides. This will relieve your itching and then keep the Bedbugs out, a way better option.

Don't worry about the harsh chemical taste from the pesticide getting in your food and mouth because it is not poison, and the harsh burning chemicals on you skin from the pesticide will relieve your itching.

This is a way better option than dealing with the Bedbugs and the chemical taste in your mouth and burning chemicals on your skin will only be temporary until the Bedbugs are all dead and hopefully the Fruit Fly will be with it.

Remember, all the Bedbugs came from the Empire State Building in the United States and Canada because that's who had them first on the news.

Now the crazy first I thought that the Bedbugs could fly. Someone outside told me, but they could be just bull shitting me I don't know, that people are growing the Bedbugs in cardboard boxes and then dumping them out of Cessna Airplanes on the towns and counties. 

I don't know if that's true or not but people may be growing the Bedbugs and dumping them on the ground out of small airplanes and that's where some of the Bedbugs are coming from besides the Empire State Building.

Then they said in the Winter people were growing the Fruit Flies and then pumping them down their sinks with a pump and the surviving Fruit Flies were coming up other people sinks in the Winter and getting into their garbage cans.

I don't know if that is true or not but that is "Domestic Terrorism" if you pump Fruit Flies down your sink or drop the Bedbugs from airplanes.  Those people are home grown terrorists and doing that you can be charged with domestic terrorism. I don't know if that part is true or not.

Destroy all the Bedbugs. 


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