Saturday, August 18, 2018

Hate Crimes: John A. MacDonald Statue Vandalized Like Swastikas in Montreal

Liberals to Back Conservative Plan to Rename Lake Huron to Lake Victoria?
Anti Colonial hate groups are springing up in French speaking Quebec in The City of Montreal and spraying or throwing red paint on statues of Canada's beloved first Prime Minister and Father of Confederation John A. MacDonald, which is the equivalent of  painting swastikas on public landmarks, a hate crime.

John A. MacDonald is also pictured on Canada's beloved $10 Bill, everyone's favorite denomination because of the significance of the image of Canada's First Prime Minster.

This Hate Group, yet to be unnamed is saying they are against Colonial Canada, and don't want the area to be settled by John A. MacDonald in Colonial times. 

The unnamed Anti Colonial Hate Group is saying they are anti-racist, but hate John A. MacDonald for killing the Indians in Colonial Times - they mean 1860's not real Colonial Times in the 1600's which they are also against.

In response, unnamed Liberal and Conservative leaders in Ottawa said they plan to rename all the Indian Landmarks to White names to calm the threat being caused by this Unnamed Anti Colonial Hate Group.

Conservative Leaders say they plan to rename Lake Huron to Lake Victoria to be named after Queen Victoria for the founding of Canada and to settle the threat of vandalism against Sir John A. MacDonald.  Liberal leaders agreed with this Conservative plan, just in time to support the United States mid term elections and ease tension during the tariff trade disputes between Canada and President Trump.

Liberal leaders backing the Conservative plan think Donald Trump may ease Canadian tariffs if they include him in the plan to change the name of Lake Huron which with help ease border tensions among anti colonial hate groups at the United States - Canada border.  


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