Monday, September 3, 2018

History: What is the Third Reich and Are We In The Fourth Reich Today?

Germany's Fourth Reich Building or Fourth Parliament in Berlin Today in the New Award Winning Reichstag Building

People often ask me what is the Third Reich and will there ever be a Fourth Reich?

Well, this is an easy answer. The term "Reich" means Reichstag, that is the German Parliament Building that was used by Adolf Hitler under the Third Reich.

History Of The Reichstag

Germany's First Reich or First Parliment
In fact Third Reich actually means Germany's Third Parament in the Reichstag building.

What you may not know is that today they are already in the Fourth Reich in Germany or Fourth Parliament because of the Fourth Reconstruction of Germany's Parliament in the Reichstag.

The First and Second Reich or Parliament were the two German Parliament's before Adolf Hitler.

Germany's Second Reich or Second Parliment
The First Reich was The Holy Roman Empire 962-1806

The Second Reich was 1871-1918

The Third Reich was 1933-1945 - which was rebuilt after World War One by Adolf Hitler Germany's President or Fhurer.

The Reichstag Building was not used after World War Two until after the Reunification of Germany when the Berlin Wall was removed.

After that the Reichstag was fully reconstructed today and Germany's Parliament was moved back into the Reichstag in 1999 to Berlin replacing their Cold War Capital of Bonn during the Berlin Wall Period.

The Third Reich under Adolf Hitler's German Third Parliament
What you may not realize is that Germany's Fourth Parliament or Fourth Reich has been the Government in Germany since 1999 or about nineteen years.

So when you say what is the Third Reich, what they mean is that is Germany's Third Parliament. The First Reich and Second Reich were Germany's Second and Third Parliament.

Today, since 1999 Germany has been in it's Fourth Parliament or Fourth Reich after the Reconstruction of the Government Reichstag Building which was heavily damaged during World War Two and not used during the Soviet Occupation of split Germany.

The Abandoned Reichstag During Soviet Occupation in 1970 
After the Reunification of Germany the Reichstag was reconstructed and apparently has award winning architecture for it's design and it is the second most visited tourist attraction in Germany.

So today, we are in Germany's Fourth Parliament or Fourth Reich as they call it in Germany since it's reconstruction.


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