Saturday, September 22, 2018

Girls Makeup Of The Future

Girls Makeup of the Future
This is what people are saying about girls makeup of the future. Cosmetic's are obviously super popular today and is driven by modern science like Botox injections, collagen injections breast implants etc. all things that did not exist probably before the 1980's. 

Obviously, this is large women's market and modern scientific cosmetic products are always in high demand, like breast implants and cosmetic surgeries. 

Apparently, people are working on making new makeup for girls that will be like "movie makeup". This new makeup is used to get the magazine or movie star look I am hearing but it is not out yet. 

The make up works like a "chemical peel" that is applied to the girls face for things like skin revitalization. Like this, the make up includes a first stage to be applied that is like a clear layer you put on your face similar to a chemical peel. 

It would be like applying a layer of clear glue to your face and would peel off like a layer of glue. So it's like taking glue and putting it all over your face and then it would turn clear, when you take it off it would be like removing a layer of glue by peeling it off, although it may just wash off.

Now imagine you are wearing your make up and then it's all colored and stuff and then when you remove it you would peel it off like a glue layer that is stuck on your face, or some may just wash off.

So the girls make up base would contain a silicon or latex based foundation that sticks to her face that is "thick" somewhat. The make up would be a clear layer first that is just thick enough to cover lines or wrinkles in your face or "blemishes". 

It is not super thick, but it is just thick enough to cover any unwanted lines or blemish's on your face so it is slightly "built up" to be just thick enough to smooth your out the skin on your face.

So the base layer would be a clear silicon or latex applicant like a glue layer on your face that is just thick enough smooth out your face, when it dries it becomes clear. 

After that, you would "paint" the clear layer with make up like brown foundation, eyeliner, lipstick etc. so you would also put the clear layer on your lips then when it dries you put your lipstick on top of it and the clear layer traps the lipstick and turns solid in the clear base.

It would be like putting a clear glue layer on your lips first and then the lipstick goes on top, when it dries it turns solid and the clear layer holds the color.   

You would do that for all your makeup, so you apply the clear base like a silicon or latex as a clear foundation then you would "paint" your face with the other make up and the clear layer would hold the foundation and turn solid and stick to your face.

Essentially, it would be like gluing your make up to your face. So the clear layer is thick somewhat to smooth out your face and lips then the rest of your "regular" make up would be added on top of the clear layer and would dry and turn solid then it would stick to your face.

So the base clear glued coat that you apply first to smooth your skin like a glue layer would then absorb the make up you put on top and hold it and turn solid and be stuck to your face.  

When you take it off it would be like pulling a glue layer off your face with makeup on it, but it probably washes off. However, you may be able to peel off your make up like a glue layer on your face but it washes off. 

That would be like a thick clear layer under your makeup like a glue made of silicon or latex that is stuck to your face then you "paint" it by adding makeup to the top of it after it dries, then your eyeliner, foundation, lipstick etc. are all stuck to it like in a glue and it dries and turns solid and sticks to your face. 

Then you may be able to color the clear glue layer on your face with a simple airbrush to get a movie or magazine effect or with a regular makeup brush. I am hearing that girls like this stuff because wearing makeup and having cosmetic procedures like breast implants makes them less self conscious and is a "psychological" effect to give them more confidence in public when they are not worrying about their appearance by using these cosmetic products.    

With the new makeup that is "built up" and glued to your face in a silicon or latex type layer that could be peeled off, or wash off, you are supposed to look at girls faces in magazines and then try and paint a picture of her face on your face with the make up.

However, you're not actually painting a picture of her face on your face because she's wearing makeup. Everyone looks different in the same makeup so it's like your painting another girls face on your face but it's just her makeup in the picture.

Apparently, girls who wear a lot of traditional modern makeup do this. They pick out pictures in magazines of models wearing a lot of make up and then try and paint a picture of her face on their own face with their makeup. How this turns out is you are actually just painting a picture of her make up on your face and it looks different on everyone.

With the new make up it's like you are supposed to apply a thick clear layer of "glue" first that would be silicon or latex based to stick to your face and then the thick layer holds make up.

Then you are supposed to paint a picture of another girls face from a magazine on the clear glue layer with make up, however you're actually just really painting a picture of her make up. It's like you are trying to paint the picture of the girls make up in the magazine on your face and may include a simple home air brush system or regular makeup brushes.

I don't think that this is a patent or anything and is just a general make up application system. 

The point to all that is the clear glue layer smooths out your face and then it holds all the make up and is directly stuck to your face giving it a "movie like" effect. That's so your make up is held in a solid clear layer on your face and is "painted" , dries solid and is glued so it doesn't come off.  Then it can be "peeled" off like a layer of glue stuck to your face but you are supposed to wash it off.

I'm not sure when that is coming out but that's what people are saying is hitting the girls makeup industry. It is supposed to be high quality with stunning glamor effects like in a magazine or movie. 


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