Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bands That Might be Playing For The Heavy Metal Documentary

Heavy Metal Documentary
For the Maritime Metal Heavy Metal Documentary people are trying to get a bunch of bands playing in the next year and a half or so to help promote the movie. 

So, people are planning to book the concerts so this is like around a year away from  happening, so then they can film the footage and bands from Atlantic Canada will be there as the openers. 

Then they are going to use the opening bands footage mixed in with the bigger bands footage etc. to try and get it in the movie but they still have to get the bands and get it all booked and stuff to finalize it but people are saying that they want to back the concerts for the Heavy Metal Documentary.

So they are saying their will be a large turnout for the concerts because it's going be filmed for the movie, then hopefully they can get all that footage into the movie. So the concerts are going to get filmed and then they are going to set up interviews with the bands for the filmmakers etc. to interview them for the movie, hopefully there will be plenty of time to squeeze all that in. 

That is just in the starting stages, so they'll be a bunch of concerts coming up if that all works out, I am not playing but I will be there at the concerts in Halifax and I am doing band promotion. 

These are not going to be concert festivals, it's going to be like two bands there openers and a "bunch" of concerts, then they're going to see who they can get to play the shows. 

So if you want to open for them from Atlantic Canada you can contact me and I can get you a spot as on opener maybe or someone will be going around to try and get opening bands from Atlantic Canada so someone will be asking you if you are a good live band and can play. 

This is like next year people. 

So they are trying to get Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Carcass, Obituary, Napalm Death, Deicide  and others. Then you will have to submit your band to open for Cannibal Corpse etc. because their are limited spots. 

So their may be live seven huge death metal or something bands playing concerts in Halifax, Moncton, etc. or they may also include Montreal and Quebec City on it. 

So it's like seven concerts "tours" like just a handful of shows or while the bands are on tour anyway then they are stopping in Atlantic Canada or Quebec for support the Documentary and get in the video. 

The bands are NOT finalized and may not even know any of this yet because it's going through their booking agent but it's stuff like that they are booking. 

Hopefully it all works out. It's like seven large bands with an opener and three local bands over several months or something if they can get it all, then people want to put out the video out on Sony RED or someone. 

They still have to book all the bands and get the permissions to put the bands footage in the video and interviews etc. then Atlantic Canada and Quebec bands will be in it, then they have to get the bands concerts dates finalized. 

This may take a while. 

If you want to open you can contact me or someone will be going around asking bands later. 

This looks really good and is a good chance for bands in Atlantic Canada to get on a big concert plus I will be there and I am doing band promotion.  


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