Saturday, September 22, 2018

Quebec Liberal Leader Racist Demeaning Claims About Family Food Budgets In Canada

"Families Should Buy One Meal & Eat It For Four Days."
Quebec Liberal Philippe Couillard claims that a family of one adult and two teenagers can live of $75 per week for a food budget, Dalhousie University claims the amount is $150 per week.

Again income assistance check needs to be raised by $200 per month across the board in Nova Scotia.

He claims that it wouldn't be a very good diet. 

This is where I get angry about the article, I have never heard of anything these politicians are talking about by claiming families don't need check increases because they can live on $75 a week for three people. 

I find this statement racist to check recipients, demeaning and ignorant and I have never heard of what he is talking about in Canada. The way they say it just makes me mad about the money. 

He said that they can buy a pot roast and take three days to eat it to get through the week. 

Then on the first day, they can have pot roast.

Then on the second day they can put the pot roast in macaroni.

Then on the third day put it in sheherd's pie.

Then on the fourth day they can eat pot roast sandwiches. 

I have never heard of that in my life, so how big is this magical pot roast anyway that lasts that long. A pot roast for three people would be gone in one meal in real life. 

Then what, the government is telling you now if you have no money just make one meal and eat leftovers for three more days. What are you fucked in the head or something. 

Leftovers from a pot roast are just left overs, that's not a new meal. Canada's food guide accounts for new meals each day not left overs. Left overs are just snacks or something. 

Then what on the fourth day you can only have sandwiches, that's filling with no real supper. Anyway, no one eats like that and the whole thing makes me sick, these people gotta go in the Government. 

Pot roast sandwiches would just be something that you get free with the pot roast, not a new meal. Get a life, that is super racist, demeaning and ignorant to anyone on a budget. 

$150 a week for three is more realistic from the study at Dalhousie University. All that other talk just makes you sick.


"He gave the example of a roast pork bought on special that is used in macaroni the next day, shepherd's pie the third day and sandwiches the day after."

Those people need to get out of the way of the needs of the population so we can have regular food and check budgets, terrible.



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