Friday, September 14, 2018

FAKE NEWS: Fake Border Story on MSN Creates Marijuana Buzz

Fake Story Claims Canadians Are Breaking The Law In US From Within Canada
There is a fake story going around that Canadians and being banned from the United States for reasons such as smoking marijuana. 

The big story to follow right now is the fake news that the United States is banning Canadians from entering the United States.

This is an outright fabrication and that is also not legal or possible, for example if the United States did that all other UN Countries would sanction them and close their border to them and cut off trade ties.

They are saying on the news the United States border agents are saying they may ban Canadians from the United States for smoking marijuana in Canada when it is legal.

MSN is falsely reporting that United States border agents have the power to say something is illegal when it isn't.

What they are saying is that a border agent can "decide the law for himself" and ban Canadians from the United States for doing something in Canada that is legal. 

What they are saying on msn is that a border agent can decide for himself if he wants to that a Canadian citizen is breaking the law in the United States by smoking marijuana in Canada. 

No they are lying, all those border agents are going to get arrested.

Plus, a border agent can't issue a ban on a Canadian citizen anyway. All they can do is refuse entry if they think they are breaking a law or don't have proper paperwork. 

Banning someone from the United States is a Unites States and Canada Court Function.

Border agents are not allowed to represent themselves as the United States court system like they are saying in the article because they will be arrested. 

If you get "banned" from the United States that is not up to border agents and they have nothing to do with it. That comes from the United States Court System. 

If they say they are doing that they are representing themselves as the United States Court System, and will be arrested.

Any travel ban into the United States can be appealed to the United States Government and Courts probably at any level, so if you can't get into the United States all you have to do is take it to their Government and Court system, plus you can do this in your own Country.

The United States border is no so locked that you can be banned from their Country by a Border Agent, all they can do is report the incident.


"An admission of any past drug use is grounds for a lifetime ban from the U.S., although some banned people can successfully apply for waivers."

That is totally bogus and if any of that is true they are going to get arrested. The United States is not banning Canadians for saying that they smoked marijuana one time in their entire life, if that's true their entire Government will get arrested. 


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